Thursday, October 29, 2020

Kansas Progressive Blogger 'Journalism' Revels In Sketchy Deets Of GOP 'Near Naked' Topeka Republican Lady Fight

Here's a Democratic hack blog funded by donors attempting to provide not-so-juicy gossip that was bogged down in boring qualifiers and denials. 

The basics: There was a RUMOR of sexy lady GOP fight at a top ranking Topeka right-wing house party. Sadly, there's little proof from this note that doesn't seem to be having any fun recounting the deets.

And now, because our post title was more interesting than this story . . . Take a look at the future of journalism and/or just more subsidized pundits:

Prominent Kansas lobbyist's house scene of mysterious late-night brawl between female guests | Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - The brawl between two women at a Topeka residence of Kansas political lobbyist Jim Gardner featured a near-naked combatant relying on tactical biting, punching and pulling of hair, as well as the arrest and hospital treatment of the other fighter classified as a victim of battery.

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nice scumbag jim.