Thursday, October 08, 2020

Kansas GOP Politicos Stump Kansas City

Quick glimpse at the right-wing attempting to take back population centers and gain a foothold against social justice campaign season rhetoric that dominates the discourse among the NEXTGEN and our more popular social media frenemies.

Take a peek:

Republican leaders flooding Kansas City metro as US Senate race in Kansas gets tighter

Republican leaders are flooding the Kansas City metro area as the U.S. Senate race in Kansas gets tighter and tighter.The Keep Kansas Great bus tour started in Atchison, Kansas, Wednesday morning finished in Olathe, Kansas, later in the afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Can't we just build one of those little concrete highway walls to keep the irrational bigoted unclean bus people in their own countryside?

Anonymous said...

They are not sending us their best people. They're sending us their QAnon krakpots, their militant gun fetishists, and their election hating authoritarians.

Anonymous said...

Another example of the 2 pandemics Covid 19 and the Republican Party. We need a vaccine against both

Anonymous said...

To get support in those urban areas, has Dr. Marshall offered to provide free abortions in exchange for votes?

Anonymous said...

Is Dr. Marshall still campaigning in Kansas City, Missouri?

Has he figured out what state he should be targeting?