Friday, October 30, 2020

Kansas FOP Fights With Racial Justice Panel

Progressives offer a sneak peek of this Zoom meeting slap fight and reveal (shocker!!!) that the po-po don't have much patience for talking things out.

This report is obviously biased but offers an important vantage into local Democratic Party arguments with law enforcement . . . Read more:

Members of Kansas racial justice panel balk at Fraternal Order of Police stipulations | Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - Members of Gov. Laura Kelly's Commission on Racial Equity and Justice are concerned about proposed limitations on an upcoming listening session with the Kansas Fraternity of Police. Kate Davis, director of regulatory affairs in the governor's office, notified the commission that the Kansas branch of the FOP wants to limit participation in the meeting scheduled for Nov.


Anonymous said...

This is another example of what BLM refers to as a "conversation:" we talk, you listen and nod.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a biased article.

Damn All Marxists said...

So the FOP wants questions in advance.
Bud deal. People are trying to elect a man for President who gets press questions in advance and put on a teleprompter.

Anonymous said...

You couldn't possible kill enough babies to satisfy grandma Kelly.

Anonymous said...

9:15 nailed it.

There's no sense in discussing shit with a bunch of leftist trash whose premise is All Cops Are Bastards and that every problem within the black community revolves around police officers defending themselves when violent felons attack them or the community.