Thursday, October 22, 2020

Kansas Debates Senate Flip Tonight

Here's a glimpse at the hope to make history tonight by way of a Democratic Party fence jumper fighting with a Republican white guy empty suit.

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U.S. Senate Candidates Bollier and Marshall Debate

The two candidates running for Kansas' U.S. Senate seat met for a debate Thursday night hosted by KMUW and KWCH Channel 12. Republican U.S. Representative Roger Marshall and Democratic state Senator Barbara Bollier were asked to share their positions on issues such as the government response to the pandemic, healthcare and the Affordable Care Act, taxes, and law enforcement.


Anonymous said...

Jeebus tony, that democrat dick has to taste terrible after it's been rammed in your ass all night long. Just walk away

Anonymous said...

I regrettably voted for Obama, but the Democrats have gone off the deep end. They’ve become the party of lies, lawlessness, very late-term abortions, violence destroying once great American cities, high taxes on our paychecks to pay for socialist wet dreams, weak military, open borders, free healthcare for illegal aliens at taxpayer expense, defunding the police, sanctuary cities, taking away guns, sending $1.7 billion of our taxpayer dollars on pallets to Iranian radical leaders so they can kill more of our troops, packing the Supreme Court, and more idiotic ideas. No thanks.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Why do you continue to embarrass yourself day after day with this repeated ridiculous untrue statement?

Anonymous said...

^^^ The Democraps are embarrassing themselves every day.

Anonymous said...

Bollier had way to many brain farts during the debate