Kansas City Yoga & Monday Moment Of Zen

Finally, local public TV gets back to the basics — Celebrating the strange quasi-spiritual practices of middle-aged white women.

And so we gets started with a tribute to calm and our ongoing dedication to hottie Jordan.

A note about signage that predates campaign season worries and, certainly, not a deep state signal sent by public TV and thousands of culture vultures across the nation . . .

Independent UK: How did the OK sign become a symbol of white supremacy?

Deets on the report . . . Yoga - More Than Movement -- Global Perspectives on a Growing Pandemic Pastime

Take a look . . .

More in a bit . . .


  1. How did the OK sign become a symbol of ‘white supremacy’? Gee, I don’t know. When did the term ‘sexual preference’ become insulting? In both cases we are seeing our language being transformed before I eyes just to serve political ends.

  2. Because the dimwit puppet masters said so

  3. ^^Ugh huh. When you were young, did you want to be as boring and as miserable as you are? How come you don't have anything else going on in your life?

  4. Boy, that Jordan Carver sure has a nice pair of big ol titties. I’d screw her real deep and hard.

  5. She looks like the kind of DST Systems gal that gets promoted over other women based on her looks alone. Well maybe her bedroom skills too. How superficial. No wonder DST Systems couldnt compete and is taken over by a competitor

  6. It was a bet by a bunch of computer geeks that they could make ANYTHING racist if they tried. They were right.

  7. Dem titays give me peace of mind.

    Some day I hope to get a piece of a$$!


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