Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Kansas City Workplace Vaxx Fight Ahead

The link tease is enough to scare locals about a future where employment is decided by a doctor's note. Check the debate ahead in 2021 . . .

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Can employers require Covid-19 vaccinations? Here are one expert's do's and don'ts. - Kansas City Business Journal

If and when a coronavirus vaccine is on the market, Kansas City-area businesses better be ready with a plan for their employees, a Spencer Fane LLP lawyer expert advises. Although no vaccine available, several are in the works worldwide.


Anonymous said...

They can't force you but they can roundabout penalize you like some do for tobacco usage. My company discounted insurance premiums so that a person would pay a mucher higher rate if tested positive for using tobacco off the job. Probably will use similar questionable incentives to achieve compliance unless mandated by law.

Retro ROCKER said...

Big Brother,YOUR Democratic RUN CITY'S And States. May alow Businesses to have a vaccine policy .I have seen some of the side affects allergic reactions And you won't know for a Decade.The real implications of the VACCINE .I WILL LET YOU FOLKS BE THE GINNEY PIG. I will eat healthy and develop a Great immune system .

Retro ROCKER said...

Remember you will have a hard time going after vaccine company's .Read the side affects on the vaccine.

Anonymous said...

Be cautious either way. Notable of what Forrest Gump actually meant to say:

"Life is like a jar of jalapenos,
What you eat today
might be a pain in your ass tommorow."