Kansas City 'Westport Trucker' Returns

A worthwhile glimpse of an EPIC old school burnout mag has resurfaced in the archives of the city college amid the pandemic and a dearth of original and captivating content.


70s-era underground newspaper Westport Trucker gets second life in UMKC special collection

In the Depths of LaBudde Special Collections at UMKC's Miller Nichols Library sits a growing stack of the Westport Trucker, their covers scattered in neon colors and psychedelic designs, printed on crinkled paper that is now yellowing. That stack will grow just a little taller if Chuck Haddix can help it.


  1. Well if UMKC has anything to do with it it won't be close or anywhere near as good as it was back in the day.

  2. ^^ Yes, it will be rap based crap . followed by 150 murders a year.


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