Saturday, October 03, 2020

Kansas City Weekend News Lights

With a moment of pause to contemplate hottie Stella illuminated, we share a quick glimpse of pop culture, community news and top headlines for our overnight readers.

Kansas City Workout Biz Stays Strong Amid Pandemic

Business model built to shatter intimidation lifted City Gym through COVID's heaviest season yet

Ahead-of-the-curve thinking helped keep City Gym strong in the early days of COVID-19 when the weight of the pandemic dropped on people-focused industries. "We lost a fair amount of members - maybe they couldn't financially afford it anymore, maybe they didn't feel safe," said Hailee Bland Walsh, founder and owner of City Gym in Waldo.

Kansas City Legacy Of Corruption Reconsidered

Tom Pendergast and the Feud That Changed the Way States Choose Their Supreme Court Judges

The model for fairly selecting judges across much of our country is known as the Missouri Plan, born some 80 years ago in response to the political manipulations of notorious Kansas City boss Tom Pendergast. It's a remarkable story - the forces of light turning back the evil of corruption - that helped signal the beginning of the end for Boss Tom.

Late Night Burning Sensation

Emergency crews called fire on 6th floor of Temple Heights Manor

Daniel Westerhold SOURCE: Daniel Westerhold Raytown Fire Department is investigating a fire in the 5400 block of Blue Ridge Cutoff.Emergency crews were called to the Temple Heights Manor senior community Saturday night.Firefighters say that the fire broke out on the 6th floor of the apartment complex.

All About Stella

Supermodel Stella Maxwell is the Queer Girl Next Door

If you wanted to woo supermodel Stella Maxwell - the Victoria's Secret Angel who got her coveted wings in 2015 - it seems likely that taking her to an amusement park in her adopted Southern California would make a good first date.

Prez Trump Pushes Cash Gift

Trump pushes for new coronavirus stimulus deal: 'GET IT DONE'

"OUR GREAT USA WANTS & NEEDS STIMULUS. WORK TOGETHER AND GET IT DONE. Thank you!" he tweeted from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Saturday. OUR GREAT USA WANTS & NEEDS STIMULUS. WORK TOGETHER AND GET IT DONE. Thank you!- Donald J.

Veep Earns More Votes

Biden extends lead in Florida and Pennsylvania, voters blast Trump debate conduct

Former Vice President Joe Biden extended his lead i crucial battleground states Pennsylvania and Florida, with poll respondents citing President Donald Trump's "bullying" conduct in the first debate last Tuesday. Biden holds a seven-point lead over Trump among likely Pennsylvania voters, with 49 to 42 percent of support.

Plague Hurts Court Pick

Amy Coney Barrett: quick confirmation under threat as three senators infected

Senate Republicans are facing a shrinking window of time before the November 3 election to confirm Donald Trump's supreme court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, following the news that at least three Republican senators have tested positive for the coronavirus and more are quarantining after likely exposure.

Presidential Pandemic Protocol Proves Problematic

Why Trump's testing strategy failed him

President Donald Trump's Covid-19 diagnosis exposed the folly of the White House's dependence on coronavirus testing to protect against the deadly pathogen and shake off remaining restrictions on American life. News of Trump's infection comes weeks before the election and amid constant calls from the White House to broadly reopen the economy, send children back to school and essentially return to normal.

Prez Trump Coming Back

President Trump releases update, says he's feeling 'much better' after hospitalization

President Trump released a video from Walter Reed Medical Center Saturday evening, informing Americans that he felt "much better" after entering the facility and was committed to defeating the coronavirus. "I came here, wasn't feeling so well. I feel much better now. We're working hard to get me all the way back.

Cowtown Artist Desperately Seeking New Space

Artists and Developers Blaze Trails in the Quest for Affordable Studio Space - KC STUDIO

Rising rents often lead artists into a peripatetic existence, and Don Wilkison is no exception. Wilkison, a Kansas City artist known by the pseudonym "Minister of Information," was settling into a new studio at the end of June.

Local Halloween Re-imagined

Hey, Boo! KCRep is Hosting Six Haunted Night of Songs and Stories - In Kansas City

Brace yourselves! KCRep-one of the metro's most iconic playhouses-just announced a new show that will debut towards the end of October. Naturally, it will be socially distanced and held outdoors, but Ghost Light: A Haunted Night of Songs and Stories from KC's Cultural Crossroads promises to be a huge draw.

Autumn Warmup Underway

Sunny Sunday on way


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Good luck to that woman, gyms are not a good idea right now.

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Any business in Kansas City is not a good idea right now.

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Stella a hottie..lezzie porn cool! gay porn --BARF!

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She looks like one of the DST client services girls who offered her body to the executives in exchange for undeserved promotions and pay raises. Thats prostitution in my book. And it took place in a "catholic" company. All the execs are devote catholics. But they partook too....some married their "escorts".

Anonymous said...

You could always go to John's Bar downtown and pick up a DST girl on Friday nights. Or the Quaff. Buy them a few cheap beers and off to bed!