Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Kansas City Turkey Day 2020 Cancelled?!?

Looking forward, we consider the "new normal" and American traditions as mask orders persist and schools stop. 

Here's a worthwhile interview with a local doc . . . However, the "science" probably depends on who wins the election.

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Here's what a doctor has to say about having a safe Thanksgiving this year

This year has been challenging for everyone. With the holidays fast approaching, it's easy to wonder how Covid will impact them, too. We've already seen the debate over whether trick-or-treating was safe, so how exactly will Thanksgiving look this year amid a wide-spread pandemic?


Anonymous said...

Wild Turkey Country Bourbon Liquor Day! NFL on TV all day. An abundance of weed to smoke. A choice of hot sluts to fuck. Even though it’s been a tough year, we can all be thankful for the good things in and about life.

Anonymous said...

KC cancels everything. The city and schools are cowards. They are getting what the sewed. Don’t come looking for money elsewhere. This mayor will never dig out of the hole he dug. We will enjoy family and friends as we do every year.

Retro ROCKER said...

For Decades there were dozens of Viruses people were being exposed to.and people were sickened and others were not.If you have a compromised immune system it can be worse .They are trying to scare people.And after the Election, and they realize that they can't get the Orange Man out. Things will get back to normal. China tried along with the Globalist .But the Orange Man won. They were Trumped.

MDSF said...

Q-Drop! tRumpoopie says 'he' ended the virus....
...What a load! OK tRumpMonkeies, spoon it up, the buffet is.......OPEN!