Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Kansas City Transit Activist Warns Against 'Leftist & Liberal' Threat To Democracy

Kansas City's most prolific petitioner shares his latest word on an ongoing rail transit petition struggle and a fight for direct democracy in Kansas City . . . Along with a dire warning of liberal "progress" that he has seen in the cowtown over the course of decades. 


Clay Chastain: Only the Committee of Petitioner's Federal Lawsuit (against City Hall) can save KC democracy and reverse KC's long liberal slide toward ruin.

If it wasn't so good, it would be on the ballot.

If it wasn't so good, City Hall would not be so afraid.

If City Hall were not so afraid, the media would cover it.

And if this landmark case prevails (US District Judge Roseann Ketchmark orders City Hall to put the petition on the ballot), City Halls' devious, oppressive and ruinous liberal reign over the voice of the people will be over. And, our local silent toothless watchdogs can answer why they did not hold City Hall accountable. This long fought for cause (to make meaningful KC's petition process) has been heroic and epic in proportion, as follows:

In 1979, I was hired to be an engineer for KC's Black & Veatch. I lived on the Plaza in a $175 per month (old world) apartment. Kansas City was charming. My elderly Landlady was charming. My hopes were high. Finding KC was like finding an old classic truck sitting in an old dusty barn just waiting to be restored. A great train station had to be saved, an outdated transit system modernized, a grand park brought back to life and endearing historic neighborhoods revitalized. My love for Kansas City grew and grew and with it my ambitious plans to make it "the City Beautiful" again. But one liberal inept City Council after another blocked my way because they were my ideas, not theirs. Cleaver, Barnes, Funkhouser, James and Lucas put down my petitions because they highlighted, and threatened, their lack of leadership. Thus, secret deals were made, character assassination plots hatched, petition challenges turned away and even a petition election overturned! And their way wrought us a declining City engulfed in violent crime, stagnation and voter apathy. To make matters worse, KC's once great Star newspaper became a liberal dwarf as it took City Hall's side in this protracted civic war.

It has now been 536 days since City Clerk Marilyn Sanders certified the Committee's petition to the full Council as qualified for the ballot. KC's press has looked the other way while Mayor Lucas betrayed the very citizens he promised transparency.

So in Kansas City . . . This petition battle stands in obscurity. But not really. Like President Trump, it has a lot of silent voter support. And that is the real reason why far left-oriented City Hall will not play by the rules, act in good faith and place We the People's City-improving petition before voters. Stay tuned!

Kansas City Community Activist, Clay Chastain


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Anonymous said...

Clay remember that time you got 0.8% of the vote in a mayoral primary?

Donald Trump called, and he wants to know what that feels like for future reference.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^And you are wants know as a loser and a big ass liar.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^ @6:05

Remember when they said Hillary was winning by 90%? Joe Biden called Hillary and wanted to know what that felt like for future reference.

Get over yourself. You don't even know what you are voting for.

Anonymous said...

Remember when the lunatics, wingnuts and idiots took over the Republican Party?

Well, don't worry. In fifty years no one else will either.

Anonymous said...

"Transit" and "activist".
Two of the most expensive words ever in KCMO.
Clown show on the plains.

Anonymous said...

Much bigger threat to Democracy from the politicalized Supreme Court abandoning and pretense of impartiality and joining in the GOP's desperate attempt to suppress representation and allow the failed Republican Agenda to continue.

Charlie Horse said...

Wonder if Clay uses scented or unscented deodorant?

Anonymous said...

I am ashamed that I signed one or two of his petitions, many years ago. He's an idiot.