Thursday, October 15, 2020

Kansas City Thursday News Links

Important milestone . . . Jessica Simpson is now 40-years-old and she inspires this #TBT peek news collection as we check pop culture, community news and top headlines. 

Downtown Needs B-Ball Cash

Upcoming NCAA Championship events expected to have $45.6 million impact on Kansas City economy

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City has already hosted more NCAA Men's Basketball games than any other city. Soon, it will be able to add more sweetness to its total of 134 games, with a Sweet 16 and more. Sports lovers in Kansas City have a lot to look forward to in the coming years.

Catch New COVID Work

We're Hiring: Advent Health Shawnee Mission hiring for patient care, support staff

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - If you are looking for a job and a way to serve and care for people, maybe your next career is at Advent Health Shawnee Mission. There are multiple openings for jobs that range from helping nurses care for patients to cooking and delivering their meals and even childcare.

Suburban Autumn Discourse

Merriam woman uses front lawn as political conversation starter

MERRIAM, KS (KCTV) - When you drive by Karina Shreefer's Merriam home, you can't really miss her message. "Now, with this election, more than any is extremely important, but as a rule, Americans don't participate in the fundamental foundation of democracy," Former Vice President Joe Biden supporter Karina Shreefer said.

Pop Diva Pantless

Jessica Simpson shows off her 'quarantine date nights' look: 'No pants required'

Jessica Simpson has adapted her wardrobe for the coronavirus pandemic. The 40-year-old star took to Instagram on Tuesday to give fans a peek at what she wears for date night while stuck in quarantine. In the photo, Simpson struck a sultry pose while donning a black top, some jewelry and zebra-print heels to match the char she sat on.


Showtime is bringing back 'Dexter'

Some killer news for fans of "Dexter": Showtime is taking a stab at bringing back the serial killer drama.


U.S. jobless claims climb 53,000 to 7-week high of 898,000, point to more labor-market woes

The numbers: The number of Americans who applied for jobless benefits in early October shot up to the highest level in seven weeks, possibly a sign that fresh outbreaks of the coronavirus in many states have hurt employment again. Initial jobless claims filed through state programs jumped by 53,000 to 898,000 in the week ended Oct.

Campaign Corona

Harris suspends travel after staffer tests COVID-19 positive

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) - Joe Biden's presidential campaign said Thursday that vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris will suspend in-person events until Monday after two people associated with the campaign tested positive for coronavirus. The campaign said Biden had no exposure, though he and Harris spent several hours campaigning together in Arizona on Oct.

Twitter Cracksdown On GOP

McEnany claims Twitter holding her 'at gunpoint' until she deletes New York Post's Hunter Biden report

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany told "Hannity" Wednesday that Twitter's administrators "essentially have me at gunpoint" and won't allow her to access to her personal account until she deletes a link to the explosive New York Post report on Hunter Biden that she shared with her one million followers earlier Wednesday.

Supreme Vote Coming Soon

Last day of Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court hearings to feature debate, character witnesses

WASHINGTON - The final day of Amy Coney Barrett's nomination hearings to the Supreme Court won't feature her. Instead, the Senate Judiciary Committee - the panel charged with vetting judicial nominees - will hear from a host of experts, character witnesses who are likely to praise Barrett and what is sure to be emotional testimony from Americans who could be impacted should the high court strike down controversial laws, such as those protecting abortion or the nation's healthcare system.

Left Turn Tribute

Air Force T-38 jets from Whiteman to fly over Kansas Speedway during Cup Series race

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Pilots from Whiteman Air Force Base are scheduled to perform a flyover before the Kansas Speedway Hollywood Casino 400. Pilots with the 13th Bomb Squadron will fly T-38 Talon jets over the track at 1:30 p.m. on race day. T-38s are used for pilot training at Whiteman, where they keep pilots [...]

East Side Home Buying

'We just need community support': Metro groups leading effort to empower Black community

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A coalition of Black-led organizations is leading an effort aimed at empowering the Black community. Ajia Morris is dedicated to building up Kansas City's eastside. She's the co-founder of The Greenline Initiative and works to increase Black generational wealth through home ownership.

KC Autumn Again

Much cooler for the end of the week

We continue with a very dry first half of October. Kansas City has had 0.00" of rain this month so far! A cold front delivers much cooler air through the end of the week with highs in the 50s and 60s There may be some bigger changes leading to chances for rain next week KANSAS CITY'S MOST ACCURATE FORECAST Thursday: Clouds early today will clear by the mid to late morning.

1980 #1 - Rupert Holmes Escape (The Pina Colada Song) is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.


Anonymous said...

Bewbs and politics. I get it.

Anonymous said...

Aja Morris is a fool and a racist. This is the very thing BLM is burning down cities for and trying to blame whitey for it. This is racism. Her comment about empowering the black community is a clear call of racism and anyone with half a brain can see that. I have seen the black community run white people out with their racism and violence even changing a school to an all black school kicking white people out. This women is a moron and is in denial of where the problem really is. Black people today have had the same opportunity if not more due to affirmative action. She is fighting a losing battle because the eastside does not want to work and does not want to get along in society nor do they have the social skills to do so. They have wanted to stay uneducated and they will not change. It's people like this that will keep the racism going instead of working together on issues they riot about. Black people voted for LBJ and still are, that is why they refuse to leave the plantation.

Anonymous said...

Instead of giving Clark Hunt and the Chiefs $250 million in taxpayer funds, KCMO should purchase a couple of bulldozers and attempt to raze two vacant houses a day on the east side to eliminate their potential to become drug houses and other avenues of crime.

Create a dedicated team to systematically go street by street and tear down the dangerous vacant houses.

Create green space and eliminate blight in east side neighborhoods would help the East side of KCMO tremendously. The neighborhood residents would fully support such an initiative.

However, that would require common sense.

Bandit said...

Generational wealth in East Side is Escalades with hoopty rims, the latest iPhone, weaves, Nikes and AK-47s with extended clips. Have fun on that fool's errand! Money raised will be misspent or embezzled.

Alpinista said...

"...empowering the black community is a clear call of racism..."

No, you racist dumb ass, it is not.

Anonymous said...

soo..Aijia trying to scam $600,00 in free stuff for " economic self-reliance in the Black community."

yep.. blacks are "self-reliant" long as Whites keep kicking them Mo Free Stuff!

Anonymous said...

Dreads are a deal breaker when you are panhandling.

Anonymous said...

Whatever Ajia - try working on those thugs (see TKC video from 7pm, 14 Oct) that shot up the gas station. You can throw all the money at it you want, but when you have feral blacks on the loose it will always be a ghetto...and of course whiteys fault.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ bingo! She be doin dis fo da free monies from mayor mcdumbo, it’s another scam in a long line of scams to get taxpayer money.

Anonymous said...

10:51 meant for 10:47

Anonymous said...

10:19, in other words, "bewbs and boobs."

Anonymous said...

“Ajia Morris is dedicated to building up Kansas City’s eastside. She’s the co-founder of The Greenline Initiative and works to increase Black generational wealth through home ownership.”

Don’t they already own the houses they great Grammie left? Besides, any white people that move in the hood and improve their house get run out because.... the racist blacks that’s why.

The only way to improve black neighborhoods is for white people to move there, move the blacks out into section ape housing near downtown and let whitey take back what was once theirs and fix it. It is the only way.

Anonymous said...

Will people like Ajia ever learn that the dimwit party is the reason for all their problems?

Anonymous said...

^^Well are you going to learn that wasting day after day on here posting about things that don't concern you is a waste of life?

Anonymous said...

^^and yet you haven't. Weird.

Charlie Horse said...

If you love subpoena coladas

And getting caught in Ukraine

When your Dad's in to children

And you are into cocaine...

Bandit said...

LMFAO Charlie Horse!

Anonymous said...

The hideous RBG served on the Supreme Court past the age of 87.

If MILF Amy does the same, she will be on the Court in 2059.

Anonymous said...

^^and if your aunt had balls she would be your uncle.

Anonymous said...

^ ^ and yet Amy will be confirmed and the Democrats can't do a thing. Weird.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Elections have consequences. As do abuse of power and hypocrisy.

Johnson Clinton Trump said...

Hilarious that Giuliani is now "in the loop" on the "proofs" regarding Hunter Biden.

Let's summarize...
1) As of yesterday, the owner of a Computer Repair store, who happens to be an avid Trump Supporter and very active on-line Conspiracy Theorist, had a water damaged laptop computer that was dropped off at his store some time ago by an unknown person. The Repairman discovered several fragmentary e-mails on the hard drive and sent copies of them to Steve Bannon. The Repairman did not know who had dropped off the laptop, and could no longer find the hard drive, or the copies he had made of the fragmentary e-mails, which contained several errors as to dates and persons involved.

2) Now, today, the Repairman (same guy) says that Hunter Biden dropped off THREE laptops for repair, and that he copied the hard drive of one and sent that copy to a lawyer associated with Rudy Giuliani, but that he, (the Repairman) has a "medical condition" that prevents him from knowing whether Hunter Biden was in fact the person who dropped off the laptop. The Repairman also claims to have contacted the FBI about the laptop, and now says that the FBI sent "someone" to his store to "pick it up". Amazingly, the e-mails "retrieved" from the laptop are no longer fragmentary, but instead are quite detailed, covering conversations with Russian and Ukrainian Officials and Hunter Biden in great detail.

It's been a while since I was a young Farm Boy, but I can still recognize what's left in the pasture after the Bull has returned to the Barn.

Alpinista said...

Barrett has been caught lying, again. Non-answers are not clever answers, non-answers are a form of lying. Her positions are well known, & it is a lie to suggest otherwise.

Bandit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bandit said...

There is nothing illegal, immoral or unconstitutional about replacing the old dead bat. Get the fuck over it libtard losers and suckers. And good luck with your sexual preference!

10/15/20, 1

Anonymous said...

^^She can be confirmed, who cares? Just expect Biden to appoint about four more justices including MerricK Garland in January. Seems fair. Repubturd heads exploding.

Bandit said...

MSNBC's Maddow Asks Harris if She's 'as Mad as Everyone Else Is' About NBC Trump Town Hall


Rachel is such an angry young man!

Bandit said...

They are worried that he is going to get his ass kicked in ratings. I'll watch both but Bite Me will be time delayed on DVR. Can't pass up that train wreck.

Anonymous said...

^^Wow, you lead a really, really, really, boring life.

Anonymous said...

That fucking NY Post story, seriously? Dafuq? Was that too low brow for the National Enquirer or something? The Weekly World not interested. Cripes, what a fucking October surprise, amirite? Remember when Guiliani was the "Mayor of the World" after 9/11? I mean, that fucking guy helped take down the mafia....what the fuck happened to him? He's literally turned into everyone's weird uncle that you avoid at family gatherings.

Jessica's titties are unreal.

Anonymous said...

12:04 nailed it. Fine, it's a rubber stamp process anyway. Pack it up but I don't want to hear any pissing and moaning after Biden decides to expand. if the shoe was the on the other foot, Republicans would do that same.

Bandit said...

Heaven forbid somebody actually listening to both sides so that they can form their own opinion and call bullshit instead of spewing zombie talking points.

Anonymous said...

^^^Certainly won't happen with you, Frito, will it?

Anonymous said...

^^Ha! Bandit just got knocked the fuck out!

Bandit said...

Coronavirus Infects Biden Campaign: Kamala Harris Suspends Travel After Staffer Test Positive

OOPSIE!!! No sympathy from me. Same rules as there were with Trump. It's all on you libtards! Your asshole "ace in the hole" is stuck in a hole now. Too bad so sad!

Anonymous said...

^^and STill not voting for Trump.

Biden loves Jellyfish Prevagen said...

Who, what???? Come on, Man!

Anonymous said...

Kamala is currently testing negative. Out of an abundance of caution and respect for fellow Americans, she's not potentially spreading the disease like her Republican counterparts.

Both Harris and Biden tweeted out well wishes for a quick recovery to the POTUS and first lady, so not sure what your old busted ass is talking about regarding sympathy.

Speaking of stuck in a hole, do you dumbasses really think Trump is reaching one single new vote with his vanity rallies? You know he does those because he needs the attention as a narcissist?

Bandit said...

Nobody cares 3:28. savanna Guthrie is getting her ass kicked. She' playing gotcha and Trump ain't having it.

Anonymous said...

@11:44 You left out the part where CP Guy contacted FBI in 2019 and he guessed they SAT on it. He contacted Sen. Lee heard nothing so he contacted Mayor Giuliani. Thanks for playing!