Sunday, October 11, 2020

Kansas City Sunday Night Link Tribute

Tonight we remember the complex legacy of hottie Jordan and her body of work as we cycle through community news, pop culture and top headlines for our late night denizens. 

KC Prays For Po-Po

Kansas City church hosts unity vigil for law enforcement

Praying for unity, some churches in Kansas City, Missouri are partnering with police in community outreach. It's part of a national initiative called "Faith and Blue" which aims to improve community relationships through collaboration with faith communities.

Payout Across The Bridge

Former Zona Rosa manager wins $4M verdict

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A former Zona Rosa general manager will receive more than $4 million following a lawsuit against property management. In a verdict announced Friday, MPI Management will owe Rosemary Salerno $4 million in punitive damages, $500,000 in non-economic losses and $146,490 for termination of her employment.

Lockdown Argument

Lawsuit filed over man's death after arrest in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY (AP) - The husband of a man who died after he tried to hang himself in a police holding cell in Kansas City has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners. Police said Terry "TJ" Farmer was taken to a hospital twice while in police custody on suspicion of drunken driving.

Campaign Season Social

The liberal election is happening on Instagram

While Facebook continues to take heat over being a tinderbox for conservative media, data shows that liberal, civically engaged voices are winning out on Instagram - and the engagement is even higher there than on Facebook. Why it matters: The politics playing out on Instagram reflect a younger, more progressive generation.

Question Of Faith

Why Republicans and Democrats are asking about Amy Coney Barrett's faith

When Judge Amy Coney Barrett first appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2017, Republican and Democratic senators alike probed her religious views.

Veep Refuses To Answer

Biden Campaign Continues To Deflect On Court-Packing

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden argues that taking a stance now on whether, as president, he would seek to increase the number of Supreme Court justices would play right into the hands of President Trump. "[Trump] always wants [you to] take the eye off the ball, change the subject.

Prez Trump Revelation

Eric Trump claims family 'lost a fortune' in pushback of pay-for-play report

He also responded to the president's refusal to participate in a virtual debate. Responding to a report that found that hundreds of corporations, special interest groups and foreign governments seeking benefits patronized Trump Organization properties in recent years, the president's son argued Sunday that the groups represent a small proportion of their business and that his father has not benefited monetarily from his office.

Local Revival

One year after devastating fire, Woods Chapel United Methodist Church reopens

ODESSA, Mo. - One year ago, all that remained standing was a chimney and a cross after a fire destroyed Woods Chapel United Methodist Church in Odessa. After 52 weeks of construction, the church reopened Saturday. "It's overwhelming, but it's beautiful and exciting," said Peggy Pemberton.

Sunday Teachable Moment

Five things we learned as the Chiefs fell to the Raiders

The Kansas City Chiefs unexpectedly fell to the Las Vegas Raiders 40-32 at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday afternoon. Here are five things we learned from the Chiefs' first loss of the season: So some streaks ended with the Chiefs' loss to the Raiders on Sunday afternoon.

KC Autumn Arrives

Windy, chance for a few showers overnight


And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

Oh...The Chiefs played today? *yawn*

Alpinista said...

If Trump won't commit to a peaceful transfer of power, then why should Biden commit to not packing the court? The first is treason, the other is constitutionally permissible - nine justices serving life terms is not in The Constitution. Tradition is not law.

Anonymous said...

Chiefs got bitch slapped today and that my friend is good. Plus looks like the Golden Boy stats are not as hot as last years. See how money fucks a person up in the head?

Anonymous said...

Mahomes should not have worn that $48,000 watch.
It was bad ju-ju.

Anonymous said...

The reason behind Amy Coney Barrett faith is because democrats hate God and Country as everyone saw them leave God out of the Pledge of Allegiance and when they were called out on it they said it was a mistake. I doubt that. Republicans want to make sure we have a Christian, someone who will believe in God and not follow Satan like the democrats do.

Anonymous said...

Feinstein hates Catholics.

Feinstein is a religious bigot; plain and simple.

Barret is a Christian and adopted two children from Haiti.

Cannot believe the Marxist Democrats can be so hateful to a caring soul who took two homeless children into her home.

Democrats are evil Communists; they hate America, they hate Christians, they hate families, and they hate law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

Both candidates are saying they won't adhere to the election results if illegal activities swayed the election. That's the way it should be if crimes are committed that change the winner. Biden is saying the same thing about the election as Trump. That has nothing to do with packing the court, which is nothing more than trying to "game the system" -- when your candidates didn't win elections in order to appoint the traditional number of total justices -- in a despicable way.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Joe, are you going to stack the Supreme Court or are you too much of a pus*y to answer that simple question for voters?

Anonymous said...

The offensive line is so bad that Mahomes has to run for his life and then throw the ball nearly every pass play -- not a good thing. The team has neglected the offensive line too long. It's finally caught up with them. They need to get some new offensive linemen that can pass block and run block. That would solve most of their problems.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, Joe Biden was talking about the good old days when he and Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia attended Ku Klux Klan meetings.

Democrat Senator Byrd was a Grand Cyclops of the Klan and Joe Biden's best friend.

Joe Biden gave the eulogy at Senator Byrd's funeral attended by many Klan members.

Joe Biden fought desegregation of schools and is quoted as saying " I do not want my children attending a racial jungle ".

The Democrat Party created the evil Ku Klux Klan.

The Democrat Party were the slavers and plantation owners.

The Democrat Party created the Confederacy.

Jefferson Davis, a Democrat, was the President of the Confederacy.

The Democrat Party created segregation.

The Democrat Party created Jim Crow Laws.

The Democrat Party is Marxist.

Anonymous said...

You mean a peaceful transfer of power like trying to overturn the election for four years?

Anonymous said...

And it will pay off. Biden will win cuz Trump gambled the whole circus away.

Anonymous said...

Yes Biden will stack the Supreme Court. Why wouldn’t he? He will have the House and the Senate too. He will have a mandate from the people. Elections have consequences and there must be a price paid for the Merrick Garland episode. Ther’s nothing you can do about it either.

Anonymous said...

Your delusions are fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Biden will win cuz he's not Trump.

Anonymous said...

8:59 is too stupid or hypocritical, or both, to see the differences between the nominations of Merrick Garland and ACB. Elections do have consequences. When Merrick Garland was nominated, who controlled the senate? Do you remember 8:59? Go ahead. Tell us. That's right. Republicans controlled the senate and the majority leader decided not to bring the Merrick Garland nomination to a vote. The Republican senate didn't want to confirm an activist, liberal judge to the bench. That's a consequence of an election. In 2020, a Republican-controlled senate has decided to move forward with confirming (and will ultimately seat) a Constitutionalist judge, again, as a consequence of an election. Guarantee you had the roles been reversed, the Democrats would have nominated and confirmed one their activists judges. The Democrats don't have the moral high ground here.

Anonymous said...

7:55: Nice try at adding new QAnon talking points to your oft-posted repetitious irrelevant rant. You've made it into a repetitious irrelevant ad hominem attack. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

"The Democrats don't have the moral high ground here."

10:33: And yet they do. In 1988 the Senate, which was controlled by Democrats, approved Anthony Kennedy, a Reagan appointee, to the Supreme Court in a unanimous vote. In 2016 the Senate, controlled by Republicans, refused even to give Garland a hearing. Payback will be a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics of Jordan and ACB.. helps to balance out that disgusting pic of Feinstein..who looks like she's from "the Walking Dead"

Anonymous said...

Before the Senate voted to approve Anthony Kennedy to the Supreme Court, the voted down Reagan’s original appointment, Robert Bork after a vicious character assassination that came to be known as Borking. The Democrats later Borked Clarence Thomas because of his views but he still secured senate approval after Anita Hill’s bogus claims fell apart under close scrutiny. The Dims resurrected their Borking tactics for Kavanaugh and probably will again for ACB. They cannot claim the moral high ground as they abandoned it years ago.

Anonymous said...

And yet they gave Bork a hearing. Weird.

Anonymous said...

@10:30, re-read the Constitution (yes, I know Republicans hate it and ignore it whenever possible, but) it says the President shall nominate appointees "with the advice and consent of the Senate", and nowhere does it say that the Senate can ignore their duties and refuse to give that "advise and consent"!

The Republican Senate could have approved Garland, or they could have refused to consent to him, but they had ABSOLUTELY no grounds to REFUSE TO PERFORM THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY!
Like it or not, the matter is clearly stated in the Constitution.

Yes, American remembers all the arguments that Republican Leadership made in 2016, about how there was to be a Election held nine months after Garland's nomination, and if you take the attitude that those were valid arguments then, you have to acknowledge that they are just as valid now with respect to a nomination made TWO months before an Election.

Two things are made obvious by the GOP's rush to confirm, the Republican Party has no respect for their own traditions, and the Republican party is SURE that they are going to lose the upcoming Election.

Republicans, let the will of the People be heard!
That's what you demanded four years ago!

MDSF said...

Are people who wear masks 'commies'?

Anonymous said...

^^^The Constitution gives the Senate the authority to advise and consent to judicial nominees, It does not create a mandate or affirmative duty to hop whenever the President says frog. If there were a duty, the Constitution would say something like "the Senate shall advise and consent." It says nothing of the sort.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Before 2016 has there ever been a time when the Senate refused to do anything when a president nominated someone to the Supreme Court?

You can argue that the Senate can do what they didn't do in 2016 and rush a nominee through four years later. You simply cannot deny it is hypocritical, and you should understand why the hypocrisy will be a determining factor in the election, which is just three weeks from tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

If you call what Bork, Thomas, or Kavanaugh got to be a hearing. They were more like “high-tech lynchings.”

Anonymous said...

^^^And yet two out of the three were confirmed. Weird!

Anonymous said...

Kavanaugh would not have been confirmed if the filibuster rule for judicial nominations were still intact. He only had 49 votes despite being eminently qualified. The length of time it took to confirm Justice Thomas was only second to what was consumed by the Bork hearings. The bitter contentiousness of SC justice nominations we experience today had its roots in what the Dims did to those two men.

Anonymous said...

^^^^And payback will be a bitch for what the Republicans did not do to Merrick Garland. I'm done with this conversation, so you will have to justify your Republican hypocrisy elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Just because you are done does not mean that I need to be. Assassinating a Supreme Court Justice prior to an election is low even for the Dims. Or what do you think Podesta meant with his reference to “wet work in the vineyard”? Killing him and not even performing an autopsy taking for granted that you could sneak a commie extremist onto the court was appalling arrogance. Mitch McConnell saved this country for a time from the likes of you.