Kansas City Star Patrols Racial Injustice

Behind the paywall, the newspaper uncovers this sordid tale of a high school basketball game ruckus over a t-shirt that's TOTALLY applicable to everyday life . . .

Check the link tease and then forget about it . . .

'Embarrassing': KC-area principal runs on court to make team remove racial unity shirts

When Park Hill South's interim principal, Kerrie Herren, ran out onto the volleyball court last Tuesday and demanded that the girls take off their "Together We Rise" warm-up shirts that instant, "it was just embarrassing," said Abbie Day, the senior who'd proposed the shirts as a symbol of racial equity and inclusion.


  1. Because of course, we want all of our children/athletes to be programmed to hate whitey and join in the ethnomasochistic fun for all that is now embedded in high school sports.

    Let's just rename the team, "Fuck Whitey" and everyone will be happy.

  2. The shirts are embarrassing. Parents didn’t choose to live in an upscale school district just so their kids could wear shit like that. Jesus fucking Christ.

  3. It the Kansas Shitty Scar competing with the Pitch for who can have the largest amount of crap "reporting" and manufactured "news"?

  4. I agree with the principal here. She did the right thing and the kids can just STFU. when they become adults and out on their own they can wear what ever they want then. We had dress codes that didn't allow this when I was in school and to be honest the school operated much better. Remember when Southwest a\was a decent school. Late 70's was when SW High went to shit and guess who caused it?

  5. The Amish?

  6. From mayor mcdrinkerson today....

    Hey, have you heard about ASSET? No? Well, listen up and learn about the City’s newest Employee Resource Group.

    Well, technically, the African American Support Success and Encouragement Team still has a couple of months before the mandatory probation ends and the group officially earns ERG status. But that isn’t keeping a core group of about 30 members from doing what they can to move the needle forward for current and emerging African-American City employees.

    Voter Registration EventASSET is all about career development for its members and ensuring that the City’s organizational culture supports the professional growth and ascension of Black employees. Although the focus is on Black employees, ASSET is open to City employees of all races.

    “ASSET means that we as city employees, have an employee resource group, that strategically develops, implements, and executes cultural activities, platforms for expression, leadership, workplace enhancement, and the success of their time as an employee,” said Robert Woods II, a Program Specialist with Neighborhoods and Housing Services. “This is not a moment but a movement to ensure that we are consciously dedicated to making positive changes in the workplace for all city employees.”

    Where’s the commie red star’s outrage over this blatant racist bullshit?

  7. On top of how wrong it was to make students wear this crap, it looks like the doodling of a five-year-old. Someone was probably hoping his or her cute design would draw the attention of Hallmark and land them a graphic designer job there.

  8. It should be AASSET. Get your damn acronym corrected.

  9. ASSHOLES would be more fitting.

  10. There is literally a white fist on the shirt too. Stop being so scared. It's unity dummy

  11. You're the one that gets excited over white fists dummy

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