Sunday, October 11, 2020

Kansas City Star Claims COVID Comeback

We're always skeptical of economic claims from the so-called "paper of record" because they've been consistently WRONG on most economic issues since the 90s. 

Here's their latest prediction along with an attempt to hedge their bets with this sketchy local think tank report that's mercifully hidden behind the paywall . . . Take a look:

Kansas City's economy is rallying. But it will take years to regain jobs lost in COVID

The Kansas City economy has rebounded quicker than expected but experts predict it will be years before the region regains the thousands of jobs lost during this year's coronavirus pandemic. So far, the metro has regained more than half the 125,700 jobs lost at the height of economic lockdowns, according to an analysis from Frank Lenk, an economist at the Mid-America Regional Council.


Anonymous said...

And yet the Star will never recover. Weird.

Anonymous said...

If the two fat out of shape n old fucks trump and Christie survive what kind of weak ass plague is this.

Most ppl never even know they have it.

A real plague doesn't need a lackey media fear mongering 24/7 becaus you'd see it yourself.

Just 2 more weeks to flatten the curve suckers.

Biggest political hoax.

Retro ROCKER said...

Kansas City will never be the same. The Citizens would love For Kansas City to come back. But you are going to need tourist A reason for visitors to return.THE CRIME RATE IS TO,high.For new businesses to move hear. They will move to smaller communities around Kansas City. The Metro has a great educated,work force. The Residents of K.C.MO.WILL keep a number of Businesses GOING .But the Conventions and visitors will be few.

Anonymous said...

Retro, you are right. Why come to Kansas City and have to deal with rioters, high murder rate, BLM murals? Overland Park is awesome. Great
restaurants, low crime, great hotels. Not a tough decision.

Anonymous said...

And yet Kansas City if the same as it ever was and you’re all as dumb & scared as you’ve ever been. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Have you driven down Metcalf, through the old's amazing, puts kcmo to shame.

Anyone with any sense is leaving kcmo and Jackson county.

Anonymous said...

^^and KC is so much better than JOCO. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Trump kicked COVID's ass so much that the virus thought it accidentally attacked Chuck Norris. Unweird.