Monday, October 12, 2020

Kansas City Southwest Blvd Offers Cutting Edge Nightlife

Despite it all, this is still probably the safest place to party in Kansas City as this slice of life is scary but at least courteous inasmuch as it didn't take out rage on the crowd.


Man stabbed at Kansas City night club

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City, Missouri, police and the Jackson County Sheriff's Office are investigating a stabbing at BLVD Nights on Southwest Boulevard. An officer on the scene told 41 Action News they were notified of a fight inside the club just before 3 a.m. Monday morning.


Anonymous said...

Funny headline T.

Anonymous said...

Must be one of those cutting edge night clubs.

Bandit said...

The tension in Kansas Shitty cuts like a knife.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! Cutting edge!

It's funny because somebody got hurt! He got a stab would! I'm sure he's yukking it up right now too, right?

Bandit said...

Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes.