Kansas City Saturday Morning News Ride

This morning we pay tribute to pop diva hottie Kehlani and take a peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

Courthouse Queue Up

Jackson County absentee voters wait in long lines to cast ballots

Some voters in Jackson County waited 90 minutes Friday to cast an absentee ballot in this year's election."This is the biggest we've ever had," said Tammy Brown, director of the Jackson County Election Board. "Ninety minutes for this amount of voters is outstanding." The county said it's breaking records.

Surrender Democracy

How to surrender your mail-in ballot and vote in person in Missouri and Kansas

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - If you live in Missouri and still have a mail-in ballot it is too late to get it in on time. However, you do have options to make sure your voice is heard. The Missouri Secretary of State's office told 41 Action News there is no statewide protocol for surrendering mail-ballots.

Hipsters Dig Deep

8 people you didn't know were buried in Kansas City

Kansas City has been home to many great famous people over the years: Walt Disney, Paul Rudd, Ewing Kauffman. The list goes on. The city is known for collectively coming together and supporting local teams and celebrities, but what we never really think of is-who all is buried here?

Diva Stays Classy

Don't Expect Kehlani to Join OnlyFans

Before Kehlani and I can even begin our conversation, a baby coos into the phone and the line goes dead altogether. Adeya, the singer's one-year-old daughter, accidentally slapped the end button on the call. Kehlani dials me back and apologize. "My baby just woke up from a nap," she tells me.

Prez Trump Clowns Masked Right-Wing Talker

'Politically correct': Trump pokes Fox News Host Laura Ingraham for wearing a mask

WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump teased Fox News host Laura Ingraham for wearing a mask as she attended his campaign rally in Michigan on Friday. "I do believe Laura Ingraham is here someplace," the president said, scanning the crowd. "Where is Laura? Where is she?" He continued, "I can't recognize you.

Veep Against MAGA

How Biden plans to undo Trump's 'America First' foreign policy and return US to world stage

After four years of norm-bending, treaty-disrupting and alliance-shaking foreign policy from the Trump administration, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is promising to return the US to its more traditional role on the world stage.

Hunter Hot Mess Exposed

Here's why the media isn't reporting on the Hunter Biden emails

The complaints from President Donald Trump and his allies have been growing louder as the election approaches: Why isn't the mainstream media covering the Hunter Biden laptop story? Trump and his allies say there is evidence of corruption in emails and documents allegedly found on a laptop belonging to Democrat Joe Biden's son.

Blue Wave Awaits?!?!

House Democrats poised to expand majority, as Republicans warn against AOC takeover

Democrats are projected to expand their majority in the U.S. House due to the erosion of President Trump's support in suburban communities and a blue fundraising advantage that has allowed Democrats to go on offense in traditionally red districts, election analysts forecast.

Don’t Discount Gun Rights

Walmart returns firearms, ammunition to U.S. store floors

Walmart said on Friday it has begun returning firearms and ammunitions to the floors of its U.S. stores a day after the world's largest retailer said it had removed these products to protect customers and employees as tensions across the country rise. "After civil unrest earlier this week resulted in damage to several of our stores ...

They Finally Killed 007

Sean Connery: James Bond actor dies aged 90

He was the first to bring the role to the big screen and appeared in seven of the spy thrillers.

Locals Lend Helping Hand

Amid COVID-19, Food Insecurity Is Skyrocketing. Here's What Local Hunger-Relief Organizations Are Doing to Help

"Don't be afraid to ask for help," says a young mother, her toddler wriggling and smiling in her arms. She's standing in the doorway of her St. Louis home, answering questions about her struggles with food insecurity during the pandemic.

Close-Knit KC Couple

Married to collaboration: SewKC couple stitches meaning into each handsewn design

Michele and Johnny Dawbarn's symbiotic studio space in the Crossroads allows the always-evolving creative duo to do more than finish each other's sentences. It stitches ideas to passion, threading a common mission through their businesses, they said. "When you sew-" Johnny began. "You bring two things together," finished Michele, co-founder of SewKC with her husband.

Scary Cowtown Warm Up

Warmer, windy for your Halloween


Creedence Clearwater Revival - I Put A Spell On You is the Halloween song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now. Keep scrolling going for more local links!!!

Local Experts Predict 2020 Voting Hot Mess Redux

Political experts believe 2000 election history could repeat itself in 2020

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Election night is just the end of one phase of the 2020 election season and the start of another. Between the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and intense public interest, many political analysts and experts expect this year to play out very different than most.

Counting On Democracy

Counting mail-in ballots across the KC metro

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Election boards throughout the Kansas City metro and across the country are reporting record numbers of ballots cast by mail. Now, people are asking how those votes are counted. 41 Action News checked in with the Jackson County Election Board to learn more about the tabulating process when it comes to mail-in and absentee ballots it receives.

The Dotte Against Games

Unified Government health officials urging schools to suspend indoor winter sports and activities

Health officials with the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas sent a letter to area school districts Thursday recommending they cancel winter indoor sports and activities. Officials said in the letter that while COVID-19 infections have been reported in schools, so far schools have been able to take steps to reduce the risk of further transmissions and to stop outbreaks from happening.

Golden Ghetto Democracy Nearly Finished

Advance voting in JoCo coming to a close

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. - The clock is ticking for people to get out and vote in Johnson County before Election Day. Advance voting started two weeks ago on October 17th, and within the first few days, the Johnson County Election Office tweeted the large turn-out numbers.

Northland Tally Starts

Platte County begins processing mail-in ballots

Election officials in Platte County started processing mail-in ballots on Friday.First, bipartisan teams check the ballot envelopes to make sure they meet all of the criteria and are approved to be counted. Next, they take the ballots out of the envelopes and count them to make sure they have all of the ballots received.

Cowtown Basketball Full Court Press Continues

Kansas City pushing efforts to host Raptors in upcoming 2020-21 NBA season

The NBA has never really been a large fan of the small market, from Vancouver to Seattle we've seen teams pop up and suddenly disappear. Now while the Sonics found four decades of success upon their departure, the same can't be said for the Grizzlies.

Power Play In Kansas

The Largest Utility In Kansas Wants To Charge Everyone To Collect More From Solar Users

WICHITA, Kansas - The State's largest utility wants to charge customers with solar panels about $25 a month, even if their homes pull almost no electricity off the grid. If courts and regulators reject that idea, power-provider Evergy's backup proposal would charge all customers - not just those harvesting power on their roofs - a minimum of $35 a month just for plugging into its system.

Show-Me Tough Choice

Crime vs. COVID: Parson, Galloway make closing arguments in Missouri governor's race * Missouri Independent

In their final push to election day, Republican Gov. Mike Parson and his Democratic challenger, State Auditor Nicole Galloway, aim to turn out base voters and win over undecided Missourians by linking their opponent to unpopular policies of others.

Local Social Media Halloween Distraction

Facebook phenomenon: Dozens tracking down Michael Myers from 'Halloween' in Cass County

BELTON, Mo. - Talk about a guy who can literally stop traffic! Dozens of people made a pit-stop at a car wash in Belton on Friday night to get their Halloween chills and thrills from a notorious movie icon. The unmistakable masked figure of Michael Myers, from the classic horror movie "Halloween," was stationed at [...]

Kansas City Chiefs Still Look Good On Paper

Where Do the Kansas City Chiefs Rank After Seven Weeks of Action?

This year, I wanted to check in on how the Kansas City Chiefs stacked up in various team statistical categories. I decided that it would be instructive to update those rankings weekly and see if a clear picture develops as to where the strengths and weaknesses on the team are coming from.

West Bottoms Horse Play

Rescue horse part of The Beast's headless horseman attraction

The headless horseman returns to The Beast in the West Bottoms this season with a real horse. "Just one of the things you have to do sometimes is just follow your heart," said Amber Arnett-Bequeaith, vice president of Full Moon Productions.Meet Blueberry Sapphire."She has done absolutely amazing beyond what I could have expected from her," said Arnett-Bequeaith.The 9-year-old, registered quarter horse mare is the newest attraction at The Beast.

Kansas City Radio Daze

KCAT visits Kansas City's rowdy past in a compelling radio drama - KC STUDIO

In our ever-shifting pandemic arts landscape, we are now at a juncture where some of Kansas City's best actors can be heard but not seen. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Kansas City Actors Theatre, like all other theater companies, finds itself unable to perform before live audiences - especially now when most of the [...]

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  1. she can't park that thing there.

  2. Okay, they've now made (and remade) Movies of all the Novels, Short Stories, Plot Outlines and Post-it notes that Ian Fleming ever wrote, and Sean Connery has passed away, it's time to end the James Bond series.


  3. Joe Biden was doing his low outcome rally and he called Trump supporters ugly fucks but it came out ugly felks because he can't speak with his dementia and all. Funny how these democrat idiots don't even know what's going on and how they "the democrats" are using this virus to bring in the totalitarian global life they have been pushing slowly for years. If you think this virus happened by China and only China you are the biggest MORON ever, but of course democrats have always been stupid look at the Obama administration and how he killed small business and built up big business. Don't get confused though when you hear Joe Biden say he's running for senate and running against George, you all know he's running for President....don't you?

  4. "Cue" up, Tony? Really. Are those people really standing in a "cue?"

    Try QUEUE, you post-deleting dolt.

  5. Irony of irony, the NBC article on the suppression of the Hunter/Joe Biden scandal can't be accessed.

  6. Talking to George Stephanopoulos, Biden said "George, Trump doesn't...".
    Now, since Trump's supporters can't understand what a comma means, the Liars who tell them what to say now claim Biden "thought Trump's first name was George", and the herd parrots that lie constantly.

    Rest assured, Biden and everyone else in the Real Word knows Trump's first name is "Asshole"!

  7. 9:07: And yet it can be, Chuck. Just go to the lower left of the popup and hit "continue without support." Weird.

    Amazing that a blind computer repair guy, who is--SURPRISE!--a Trump supporter and who can't for sure say he was given the laptop by the real Hunter Biden (since he is, after all, blind), which computer was never picked is not deemed a reliable source. This has all the marks of yet another Giuliani FUBAR.

  8. "'Politically correct': Trump pokes Fox News Host Laura Ingraham for wearing a mask"

    Ah, the Trump Limbo Rock. How low can you go?

  9. I don't have a horse in the race for presidency since I am not a citizen, but, I want to see all of you Trump haters come back here and talk smack if he wins. When you have to defend every gaffe Biden makes (he was referring to George Bush, but go ahead, believe the senatorial candidate), every elide, garble, every mistake, it's proof you are propping up a candidate. Trump says some crazy stupid shit, but he is in command of what he is saying, truth, lie, or exaggeration. It's obvious to anyone who doesn't watch mainstream media only that Biden, unless he's pumped full of vitamins, can't speak extemporaneously. If you aren't aware of this, then your Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube overlords have done their job. C'mon, man!

  10. ^^^^Many people have difficulty speaking extemporaneously. I'm one of them. I like to check facts before I speak, which works better for me than saying whatever inanities are hanging in the ether, as our president does, and letting the chips fall where they may.


    Please note that there are no BLM or Womyn groups protesting the sexploitation endemic within the music industry. Black female musical artists are all whores???

  12. Trump will be the winner and also will loose.The Fix is in. The Globalist and world order That brought us the virus. Want him gone .They want endless wars .And more taxes. They will delay the results.drop fake Democrat ballots and drag this on ASK NANCY PELOSI ADAM

  13. ^^^ Take your meds, Bandit/Chuck/Retro, take your meds.
    Apparently the "Voices" are starting up again, right?

  14. Trump cheated on Melania while she was pregnant and had unprotected sex with a porn actress. How totally gross and unchristian. Then paid her 150k to say nothing! What do Trump supporters have to say about that?

  15. Trump is no Christian - this per Jesus Christ and HIS beatitudes which he spoke, in order for followers like us, to ascertain who is a real Christian and who is NOT! There are wheat and weeds, sheep and goats. Real and fake followers, Jesus warned. He was betrayed by a fake, Judas.

    Read the beatitudes = Trump has not 1 Christian trait mentioned by Jesus.

    Oh the "judge not" argument? Sure sinners dont want to be judged so they bring that verse up. its the only Bible verse they know. Christ wants his follower to be like him. He judged many people when he was here. And will judge more on the day of judgement. So yes, Christians may judge someone as right, wrong, good, or evil as Christ did. God gave us a brain and we are to use it. If a Christian tells you that you are a sinner, and God's judgement awaits you one day, you may want to listen. It might be correct. You may be able to reconcile with God. Trump having unprotected sex with a porn star while married is not something a Christian follower filled with the Holy Spirit is going to do. And Trump had many affairs. He is not a true Christian. Its obvious.


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