Thursday, October 08, 2020

Kansas City Royals Fanboys FINALLY Contemplate Dumping Dayton Moore

Given the record speed of the journey from first to worst . . . It turns out the front office honcho isn't a genius and merely had a bit of moneyball luck. THAT and his penchant against pr0n makes him an off-season target of some of our favorite sports talkers.

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KC Royals Midweek Musings: Keeping Dayton Moore?

Some KC Royals Midweek Musings while wondering who among the many former Royals playing October baseball will help their team the most: Front office questions. The Royals just completed their 14th full season under the command of general manager Dayton Moore, the John Schuerholz disciple the club lured away from the Atlanta Braves midway through the 2006 campaign.


Anonymous said...

The fact that he cares enough about his players to try to protect them from and warn them off of pr0n makes Moore much more likable. Good for him. Bad for Tony.

Anonymous said...

^^^ That's great. Can he win some more games though?