Kansas City Reward At $35K As Father Begs For Answers After 1-Year-Old Shot & Killed

Heartbreaking testimony in this report offers more insight on a tragic local case as leaders and community ask for witnesses to come forward.

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'He was a baby': Father of 1-year-old killed in Kansas City shooting speaks out

Tyron Payton's family is still in disbelief that their child is dead. The 22-month-old child was shot and killed last week while in the car with his parents. A stranger shot into the car and his father wants to know why.


  1. I’m gonna guess that mayor mcdrinkersons brilliant “snitch plan” isn’t working. Why doesn’t he just trot right on down to where the problem people are and just ask them for himself? He’s a black who claims he’s from the hood so he should be able to go there and find the killer himself. Easy easy and if he plays his cards right, he can get selfies too! Hahahahaha!

  2. From Chicago... hmmm. No clue as to why somebody would shoot at him and his family? Could it be that whatever trouble they moved away from in Chicago followed them to Kansas City? It’s terrible that a baby was caught in the crossfire. Nobody had any surveillance footage from the crime scene? Nobody?

  3. God knows exactly who did it. God waits a while and the person feels they got away with the crime. Then they pass away someday and God is waiting for them, to roast them alive in hell forever for their sin. People underestimate God, he is not a Santa Claus. He is going to make every person pay, for every one of their unforgiven sins. He doesn't care if your a "pretty good person" or "tried to live a good life". Only having faith and getting mercy and forgiveness from God while your alive will delete your sins. Cause EVERYONE believes in God and Jesus the instant they have died. Everyone! Even the frigging Satan and his fallen angels believe in God, probably more than anyone alive on earth. But does Satan or the Angels have a chance at forgiveness now? No way! Neither will you once you die and have proof. Its real easy to say your sorry once your caught, buy thats not a true confession. Its just being sorry your caught.


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