Kansas City Restaurants: Winter Is Coming

Yet another reminder that the local service industry isn't really prepared for the continued devastation of pandemic and continued crackdowns.

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KC restaurants expanded outdoor seating because of COVID-19, now they're bracing for Winter

At Le Fou Frog, the wine is pouring, and live music is playing but its 24th year in business has not been La Vie en Rose."It was really scary to wrap our heads around how we were going to do this safely for our customers and our employees," said restaurant owner Barbara Rafael.She explained both she and her husband are autoimmune suppressed, but she found comfort in the precautions they are taking including adding Ultraviolet lights in their ventilation system and expanded outdoor seating.


  1. Lyin' Biden has already gone into hibernation for the winter to get away from any questions about his son's illegal dealings and his father's 10% cut on these deals. Joe, where the hell are you?

  2. ^^leading the presidential race. That's where.

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  4. Only fast food will survive til spring.

  5. White people need to take their dumb asses home and eat. What's the big deal about eating out, white people are too stupid to ever be able to get Covid under control.

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  6. Well, up here in the Northland, that's the biggest issue - cold take out food. Most of us aren't worried about our jobs, as we have been working through the pandemic. We primarily worry about our lawns and cleaning the gutters, but cold takeout food is the biggest problem. I really miss me some Outback Steakhouse, but only because their rolls are so good. Mmmm. Anyway, eating out has probably been the biggest drawback by far since the lockdowns started. Otherwise, nothing major. Still went to the lake and partied every weekend during the summer. Still had family and friends over to go swimming and drink beers. You just can't do take-out steak very well.

  7. Yeah it's a real Shangri-la paradise up there in the Northland.


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