Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Kansas City Restaurant Week Paused

A middle-class party often provided welcomed customer traffic for local high-end biz & servers during colder months but this time around pandemic rules will delay the party as the cowtown restaurant industry crisis continues and drive-thru biz offers the only hope of immediate salvation.

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12th annual KC Restaurant Week scheduled for January 2021

Kansas City Restaurant Week is returning for its 12th year in a row, come January 2021. The ten-day event celebrating KC's incredible restaurant scene will feature hundreds of local restaurants and special deals for foodies of every kind. KC Restaurant Week will be showcasing area restaurants through three affordable price tiers: $15, $35, and $45.


Charlie Horse said...

Who knows what restaurants will still be in business by January?

Anonymous said...


This event is always in January. That would be on schedule.

New intern working the blog today?

Anonymous said...

Agree. Business as usually when it comes to RW