Thursday, October 22, 2020


The Kansas City COVID-19 economic collapse is REAL and here's a sign of a local FIRST RESPONDER forced to plead with the media amid rising financial hardship across the metro.

And so, this eviction drama is one of many reasons that a so-called "rent strike" is garnering more support than metro denizens would dare imagine.

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KC firefighter, family given days to leave duplex

A Kansas City firefighter and his family were given just days to leave their duplex. They've been threatened with a specific kind of eviction that is on the rise.While there is a federal eviction moratorium, it only applies when a tenant cannot pay rent because they have lost income due to the pandemic.


Anonymous said...

Correct me if I am wrong, he did not lose income to qualify for the rent moratorium. So why is he not paying his agreed upon rent? Where is his money going? What am I missing?

Also I know that it has been written about those who did lose income that spent their stimulus checks and unemployment + $600 a week on everything but rent and bills.

Anonymous said...

LOL -- Greedy Firefighter Union slob..making big bucks off KC trying to scam his way out of paying his rent

Toss his ass out!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he ruined his sweet deal by starting shit at the leasing office. Dumbass should have laid low.

Anonymous said...

Isn't their entry level pay around 40k plus bennies? There is absolutely no excuse for him. He didn't lose a cush job. He's making a much as he did before or more with their sliding scale. Crap story. Sorry not short

Unknown said...

He signed up for a one bedroom apartment, but it wasn't ready so they let him rent a two bedroom for the same price! Now he doesn't want to pay the full rent once the sweetheart deal period expired. He's a bum!

Anonymous said...

Live at one of the firestations free! Move around. Rent free for several years. Could become a millionaire. It's been done before- mostly by immigrants and early dreamers.

Anonymous said...

Throw his ass out he's a loser.

Is this the caliber of FF this town has?

Or is this some more of that diversity hire shit?

Anonymous said...


Search Kansas City employee salaries

Type in the name of any city employee in the database below or page through all available listings in the table display below.

First Name Last Name Position Total Gross Pay Total Overtime Pay
Tyler Jones Firefighter $66,586.34 $14,572.53


Tara Raghuveer, of KC Tenants, why don't you tell the whole story?
Why are you pimping a black man who happens to be a very well-paid KCFD employee to promote your activism? Is it because you know the local liberal media won't check on your lies?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You pretty much have to guess the story behind the story due to the usual journalistic obfuscation, trying to gin up a scandal where none exists. Or maybe the person who wrote the article is just too dumb to do it competently.

Anonymous said...

He hasn't lost a penny in income. He makes good money. He just doesn't want to pay his rent. Pay what you owe, problem solved.

Sit his ass out in the cold and he'll decide to pay the rent.