Monday, October 05, 2020

Kansas City 'Reform Project' Explained

Quick answer: The Reform Project a worthless and typical Kansas City anti-crime public relations effort that doesn't involve any original ideas and merely represents a bit of investment into classy web design and typical community payouts.

The mission statement . . .

Enough is enough.

All Kansas Citians deserve to live their lives freely without fear of violence. Curbing violent crime in our community will require a years-long, multi-faceted approach.

The Reform Project framework was created in response to staggering rates of violent crime in our community. Each member of our community is different, with their own wants, needs, and goals—and we must treat them as such. Opportunity looks different for every individual. Rehabilitation looks different for every individual. There isn’t a singular approach to solving crime—but we know for sure that we cannot simply arrest our way out of this problem.

The coalition assembled here each brings a vital perspective to this important work, and focuses on its own area of expertise. By getting the right people in the room, tracking and sharing the right information, we can—and we will—change the future of Kansas City.

Sadly, all of THAT is merely the work of locals who can access CSS stylesheets have have access to mid-level PR firms with a few B-list out-of-state college grads on staff.

You decide . . .


Charlie Horse said...

Winter's coming. Better get those basketball courts in shape so the youth will have something to do besides stabbing and shooting each other.

Anonymous said...

Completely useless. We need simple law enforcement in the areas where violent crime and murder is rampant. Period.

Anonymous said...

The city's slogan is a good start- "Stop killing".
They just forgot to finish it- "And start obeying laws".

Anonymous said...

just for an experiment - for a period of time, say from fri. noon to mon. morning close the liquor store{s} in the problematic neighborhood{s} and have dispatch report to mayor if there was no change in the amount of calls of distress or less calls of distress.

what i'm getting at is that alcoholism is still the one problem with people not being able to be in their best state of mind. Liver and heart can't stand the extra work.