Kansas City Public Schools Fight For Cash

Passionate education advocates valiantly work to secure funding for local students and challenge the priorities of developer-friendly 12th & Oak. Sadly, the struggle would be much more heroic if the KCPS wasn't total garbage and taxpayer funds sent their way weren't habitually wasted.

Check a more optimistic note . . .

Area public schools push for tax incentive reforms

Abby Hoover Managing Editor This week, Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS) shared a report of the staggering impact tax abatements have had on the district, pushing for incentive reform. In 2019, more than $164 million of tax revenues were abated or redirected within Kansas City, Mo.


  1. The should be looking for willing students. Not baby momma welfare nipples.

  2. Don't reform tax incentives, eliminate tax incentives,


  3. I had a relative who worked in the school district and they waste tons of money. They already get most your tax dollars and the kids can't even read or write properly. Besides BLM, Remember? So let blacky pay for once. You can start with Patrick Mahomes he seems to be so involved with equality so ask him to cough up extra money for the failed KC schools that white people can't even go to.

  4. OK Boomer. Go watch Matlock. You don’t have anything to add to this discussion. You’re broken, busted, and bitter. You’re here because you failed at everything you’ve ever done. Remember people hate you because you an awful person. Go away loser, your boring and dumb. Do better!

    1. 9:44 is a product of the KC School District. I’ll say no more.

  5. But, but where did the billions go?

  6. $19,000 per kid isn’t enough? God damned bunch of fucking crooks these asshats are.

    They need to suck it up and make cuts like everybody else has too, people are losing their jobs, businesses and homes and these jackoffs demand more money, fuck’em and feed’em fish heads.

  7. Are the lazy high-paid administrators still outnumbering the teachers?

  8. Oh, Creepy Baboon/9:44--you just want the jungle, uh, schools open so you can sniff and grope the little monkeys, er, kids.

  9. When property taxes were hiked, KCPS did not reduce their levy one bit. They were doing fine before the increase, and were awash in money afterwards. Not that they spent any of it wisely. There is plenty of fat to cut, make them do it.

  10. KCPS has a quarter of a billion dollar budget. They only serve 13,000 kids who regularly attend. Another 5,000 are missing. Yet Senior leadership and managers make six figure salaries and are accountable to nobody including their board.


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