Friday, October 16, 2020


Here's a fact more important this garbage, patronizing and amateurish coverage provided by progressive public TV . . .

Progressive Latino pollster: 98% of Latinos do not identify with “Latinx” label

Sadly, because Latina hotties are too afraid of their Welsh bosses to stand up for themselves . . . We're left with this garbage rundown of nice local restaurants that are UNFAIRLY celebrated by way identity politics rather than their skill as restaurateurs who still manage to survive despite the challenges of the pandemic . . .

8 Kansas City Chefs Share What Latinidad Means to Them

These days, restaurateurs in Kansas City have to reimagine the way they whisk up and serve tasty dishes. Despite the pandemic, restaurant owners and chefs are determined to keep powering through. Behind the chef's table are people motivated to craft a plate that tells a story, pays homage to family or creates an experience.


Anonymous said...

Well, guess it's back to "Beaners" then!

Charlie Horse said...

No one crafts a plate like Taco Bell and 30 minutes later everyone craps those plates.

Anonymous said...

the Welsh own nearly all major businesses in the US. The banks, the media, hollywood and more.

questioning their power is verboten though. don't look into it.

Anonymous said...


The "Malcolm X" people
In 1992, director Spike Lee released the aforementioned film, detailing the life of the martyred Black Nationalist and Nation of Islam minister.
Did the film serve to bring people together, or did it cause wider rifts between the races?

The "LatinX" people
The term was first seen online around 2004. It has later been used in social media by activists, students, and academics who seek to advocate for individuals living on the borderlines of gender identity. Surveys of Hispanic and Latino Americans have found that most prefer other terms such as Hispanic and Latina/Latino to describe themselves, and that only 2 to 3 percent use Latinx.
Despite the population's rejection of the term, please note that corporate media continues promoting it. There is a reason for that. Just like Black Lives Matter was started by 3 Black women, at least 2 of whom were LGBT activists, the "LatinX" term also seeks to promote LGBT activism under the guise of Hispanic heritage.

Hispanics are the nation's largest "minority group" having surpassed the Black population several years ago. They have a well-deserved reputation as being hard-working, pro-family, conservative people, and would be well advised to reject the Liberal's attempt to marginalize them.

Flatland, and their parent KCPT, are a lair of Liberal loonies.

Anonymous said...

Yes Hispanics are hard working, pro family, conservative but they are also not very smart and do not understand that you do not support a political party that are responsible for oppressing your fellow Hispanics at the border.

Anonymous said...

What about the new LGBT Queen term they are all supposed to use now, LATINX .. or x dresser or whatever..LOL