Monday, October 26, 2020

Kansas City NextGen Seyz Voting Not Enough

Once again, young people in this cowtown hope to change the status quo.

Here's a money line that offers a city college perspective on election choices . . .

"Biden gives the vibes of being the lesser of two evils in this election and that is what has motivated so many people to campaign and eventually vote for him. But this sense of the lesser of two evils, acknowledging that both candidates suck, is what is also making people not want to vote or take part in the two-party system."

Even better, this hopeful screed offers a starting point for youngsters who want to get involved their community and/or join local protest movements and earn a bevy of free t-shirts:

Do More Than Vote

With the presidential election coming up in November, we're all being bombarded with messages to vote. Many have been framing this issue as an end-all-be-all issue that will be solved by just showing up to the ballot box and voting. These are valid feelings about the election, I'm not saying they aren't.


Anonymous said...

I heard Bollier was a complete disaster in her debate with Marshall. She lost her train of thought and couldn't find the right words to explain her thoughts. In other words, she acted like Lyin' Hidin' Biden.

Damn All Marxists said...

She better start calling a daily lid until election day. That's hide'n Biden's plan.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the "I can't breath" sign. That's a lie just like the "hands up don't shoot" lie. George Floyd said he couldn't breath when he was sitting in the police car with the air on. George Floyd asked to lay on the street.

One thing I can give Joe Biden credit for and that is, he was against desegregation. I noticed some black people want segregation again. That might not be a bad idea.

Charles Whitman said...

Not a bad article. I personally think that local and state government has a lot more impact on our way of life. In any event, if you don't vote then don't complain.

Anonymous said...

This is the sort of attitude that has the entire GOP shitting themselves!

Either the 2024 or 2028 Election is going to be a contest between the Democratic and Socialist Parties!

Although the Libertarians (having absorbed the totally disgraced Republicans), will try to field a Candidate, and may even be able to pull down 5%-6% of the Popular Vote.

Shouldn't have sold your soul to a Con Man, GOPers!

Anonymous said...

According to a source familiar with the planning, Bobulinski will play recordings of Biden family operatives begging him to stay quiet and claiming Bobulinski's revelations will "bury" the reputations of everyone involved in Hunter's overseas deals.

Sean Davis
BREAKING: Tucker Carlson's show tomorrow night will be devoted entirely to an interview with Tony Bobulinksi, the Biden family insider-turned-whistleblower whose explosive e-mails show that Joe Biden himself was deeply involved in Hunter's foreign business dealings.