Friday, October 30, 2020

Kansas City Morning Crash Kills Woman

Tragic news to start the day and a reminder to commuters to SLOW DOWN as the pandemic has further degraded this town's already limited driving skill.

Take a look:

Woman killed in crash on Ward Parkway early Friday

Kansas City, Missouri, police say a woman is dead after an early morning crash near the Country Club Plaza. That incident happened around 4:30 a.m. on Ward Parkway just past Brush Creek. There is no word yet on what caused that crash.Authorities closed Ward Parkway in that area for an investigation into the wreck.


Anonymous said...

Will be reported as another Covid - 19 death.

She had Covid while driving.

Anonymous said...

How did this crash happen to the point of someone getting killed. It's nearly impossible. Stop with the speeding and aggressive driving. Any idiot knows you learn defensive driving and slow down at busy intersections. I hope manslaughter charges are filed.

Anonymous said...

Worry not, MAGATS. The numbers are going down not up. The virus will disappear one day. Consistent bleach injections provide immunity. It’s all a democrat hoax anyway.

Anonymous said...

There have been many, many wrecks on Ward parkway over the 50 years I have lived here. All cars hitting immoveable trees. A huge suv could hit a tree and the tree only loses a bit of bark. People need to see trees as concrete pillars that do not move.

Anonymous said...

Her Facebook page has a gravestone with her last name on it as the main photo. Suicide?