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Agenda Setting This Week

Nick's Picks | Pandemic, Politics, Police and Pot

It's been quite some time since COVID-19 led the local newscasts. But that's likely to change this week as area hospitals report the biggest influx of coronavirus patients since the pandemic began. There are reports of some local emergency rooms turning ambulances away due to lack of bed space.

Pandemic Makes Cowtown Work

CVS Health will add 500 new jobs in KC as 'twindemic' approaches - Kansas City Business Journal

CVS Health Corp.'s latest hiring spree will add 500 new jobs in the Kansas City metro. In July, the company announced a separate 200-person hiring push for its 762,000-square-foot Kansas City distribution center at 10711 N. Congress Ave.

Tribute After Tragedy

Spot where 2 KC firefighters died in 2015 getting new life while honoring lives lost

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A site of tragedy will soon give way to new hope. Crews will break ground today, Oct. 19, on a new building where two Kansas City firefighters died in the line of duty. A memorial marks the place where firefighters John Mesh and Larry Leggio died back in October of 2015.


Expert warns the next weeks will be the 'darkest of the pandemic'

Michael Osterholm said the 'the next six to 12 weeks are going to be the darkest of the pandemic' Osterholm is the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota His remarks came during an interview on NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday

Market Prices Deal

US stocks climb on investor hopes for stimulus ahead of Tuesday deadline | Markets Insider

US stocks gained as investors maintained optimism for Democrats and Republicans to pass fresh stimulus ahead of the November elections. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi expedited talks on Sunday, setting a 48-hour deadline for the White House and Democrats to reach a compromise.

Hunter Haunts Veep

Ratcliffe says Hunter Biden laptop, emails 'not part of some Russian disinformation campaign'

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on Monday said that Hunter Biden's laptop "is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign," amid claims from House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff suggesting otherwise.

Newsies Knock Hunter Reports

CNN anchor says Fox News, GOP are "Q-Anon-ing" election with "disgusting" Hunter Biden claims

CNN anchor Jake Tapper harshly criticized Fox News and Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) for suggesting without evidence that a laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden contained child pornography. Johnson spoke to Fox News' Maria Bartiromo on the network's Sunday Morning Futures about a New York Post story on the laptop which was purportedly owned by former Vice President Joe Biden's son.

Taste Border Supreme Debate

Supreme Court to hear challenges to Trump border wall funding and asylum policies

The Supreme Court said on Monday it would take up cases concerning President Donald Trump's border wall and a controversial policy that requires asylum seekers to remain in Mexico as they await hearings in the United States.

GOP Fears 2020 Defeat

'Republican bloodbath': GOP senators voice fears of painful Trump loss

WASHINGTON - Republican senators are increasingly voicing fears that President Donald Trump could lose the election. Some are openly fretting that he'll turn the party's candidates into electoral roadkill, and are distancing themselves from him to an unusual extent.

Fashion Reveal Rebuked

Kim Kardashian is trying to bring back the exposed thong

There are some things that should be left in the early noughties; like dresses worn over jeans, Nokia phones, and exposed thongs. Unfortunately, Kim Kardashian has declared the latter a *thing* again, and we're clinging onto our mid-rise jeans like never before.

Kansas City Backstory

Book highlights creepy, weird things in Kansas City

It has been called the perfect pandemic companion book. It is a creepy tour guide of things to see, mostly out in the open, around Kansas City."I Googled a lot, looking for weird things around town," author Anne Kniggendorf said.For instance, there is a two-stone cemetery at the corner of Johnson and Lamar avenues."A lot of things like this are right where everybody can see them," she said.

Autumn Chill Today

A cloudy and chilly start to the week

Staying cloudy and chilly as the week we begins We need the rain and there will be a few opportunities this week; Best chance for a widespread soaking rain is Thursday night/Friday morning There is one big warm up likely around Thursday KANSAS CITY'S MOST ACCURATE FORECAST Monday: Cloudy and cold.

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  1. RINO's are Globalist pussies. Look at Romney for no further proof.

  2. ^^why do you care CHUD? They've never done a thing for you, or ever would. You're a deplorable in their eyes. Why don't you find something better to focus your rapidly dwindling time on?

  3. I ran several of Boomer Hater/Geezer/Pops/Geriatric Fu*ktard/Old People/Weird/CHUD boy's comments through an online age detection app for written materials and it showed in the results that he is only 10 years old. You can tell his age by his lack of writing skills and his frequent temper tantrums. I'm guessing he dropped out of elementary school, and his mother doesn't know what to do with him. For his welfare, we’ve started a GoFundMe page titled “Save the 10-Year-Old Dumbass."


  4. Gov. Cuomo was just caught red handed on tape saying he used the fear factor with the virus to shut everything down and scare the people.

    The virus numbers are down. don't let this surge in the virus fool you, it's a lie!

    Don't forget this election that Dr. Fauci said back in 2016; There is going to be a pandemic during the Trump administration. Do you wonder how he knew this????? Think about that.

  5. The biggest story in American history in the last decade is that Hunter Biden's emails show he was enriching his father, his buddies and himself through illegal means from foreign powers. The fact the liberal mass media idiots are not covering it while Big Tech tries to hide it is reprehensible and disgusting.

  6. "'Republican bloodbath': GOP senators voice fears of painful Trump loss"

    It's like a bad accident. You know it's gonna happen, but you just can't look away.

  7. Actually it was the Dimocrat candidate for president in 2016 who called normal, patriotic, God-fearing Americans a basket of irredeemable deplorables, not the Republicans. The previous Dimocrat president called them “bitter clingers” holding onto their bibles and their guns.

  8. A Tramp without a Tramp stamp????

  9. @11:19-and yet only you seem to care. Why? Maybe if you weren't such a miserable, horrible, person, you would other things to spend your time on. Alas you don't, and here you are posting just the dumbest ,most boring, insignificant shit.

  10. Tell Kim we don't care to see her underware or some fat hogs from the dotte either.

  11. Really 11:32? Plenty of people cared.

  12. ^^nope. Nobody did.

  13. The transformation of the Dimocrat party from one that represents working and middle class Americans to one that only represents the coastal elites and special interest grievance groups is very significant and lots of people care. Weird.

  14. ^^and yet, as evidenced by your continued replies, only you care. WEeird.

  15. First it was Hiliary's emails, now it's fucking Hunter's emails. Newsflash: NO ONE GIVES A FLYING FUCK. That shit sold last time cuz everyone hated Hiliary and was looking for reasons to not vote for her.

    The only people who care about this bullshit are abject Trumptards.

    If you want to be fair about who's grifting off of what, do a rundown of the fucking Trump family syndicate now.

    And oh, btw, even Fox wouldn't touch this Hunter bullshit. The whole fucking story is swiss cheese with red flags.

    1. Nah. It's exploding. The Biden camp hasn't denied the reality of the materials and it's completely damning. And Fox is pretty busy 'touching it'. Every day there's even worse evidence. Biden is back in hiding to avoid questions about it and the Russia spin just got demolished.

      So prove how those evil Russians made poor Hunter engage in all that influence peddling directly involving sleepy Joe? I mean they put the crack pipe on his mouth, right?

      You're fucked. The conedy is you don't know how fucked yet. ;)

  16. ^^bam! There it is Trumpturds.


  17. The uber-lib media had the opportunity today to ask Senile Joe 1 question — ONE!

    The question: What flavor of ice cream did you get, Joe?

    The American People deserve better than this from the “journalists” of today!

  18. ^^Whaaa!!! I don't like reporters!!! Whaaa!!! I don't like it when they ask questions I don't like!! Whaaa!!!! Fake news!!! Whaa!!! Lame-stream media!!! Whaaa!!! Quit your fucking crying you filthy MAGAT! You wanna safe-space. Going to meltdown?? Whaaa!!!!

  19. Weird, it's not exploding. Because everyone outside of Trumpland knows it's garbage.

    Russian's didn't make Hunter do anything, they just manufactured it because they know dipshit Trumptards eat that up. Fact is, no one else cares. Seriously, the only people who care are Trumptards. The fucking cake is baked. There's probably a dozen fucking voters, mayyyybe, in the whole country who are on the fence right now. So I guess Trump has that going for him.

    And while you're all over Hunter peddling influence, he can still start and run charity. Something none of the Trump syndicate outside of Tiffany can do because they stole money from one and were fined over $2M dollars. Go on and GTFOH with your influence peddling shit.

  20. @2:51Pm Nobody's fucked trumpturd. Nobody cares!! Wow. Faux News is pumping it up....Go figure. Who watches that??? Bitch please, even the reporters who were forced to run the story knew it was shit and didn't want to sign their names to it. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY cares. I mean, I guess this is worse then Obamagate, The Durham report, and all the other nothing burgers you shitflakes cook up?


  21. Chimpy/Weird guy resentful of older people..

    because he feels his dad wasn't supportive enough when he "came out"

  22. I don't know? Maybe if Trumptards go to a Trumptard rally and chant "lock him up" he can win this thing? SMDH. Fuck these people are stupid. Definitely not a cult.

  23. Next Up: Vid of Hunter with youngsters when he took his $$$ trip to China.


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