Today the Mayor of Kansas City trumpeted yet another promise of street improvement in a classic bit of distraction from a record breaking year for homicides, a worsening pandemic and that outright budget collapse that's happening behind the scenes at city hall.

What's the "new" plan? Well, there's not any increased funding targeting street improvements. Today's effort was really nothing more than a NON-BINDING resolution directing the city manager to make a set of recommendations that would work to limit the number of excavations on roads.

In fact, of all the promises for local street improvement over the years, this is one of the flimsiest and least likely to produce any visible change. 

KCTV5: KCMO Mayor Quinton Lucas announces resolution to improve construction on city streets


“Too often, the City spends time, resources and manpower on resurfacing a street in our city, only to have that same street torn up days later for pre-scheduled utility work,” Lucas said in a news release announcing the proposal. “It’s frustrating. It’s wasteful. It’s expensive. Today’s action [resolution] will create a path to ensuring our Departments can better communicate with each other and with utility companies throughout our city to avoid future costly and embarrassing scenarios, such as on 39th Street just this week."

To be fair, this mostly pointless scrap of paper provides a prompt attempt to answer social media criticism and constituents seem to love the attention. 

The reality is that disrepair of Kansas City streets is worsening and the KCMO coronavirus economic collapse will make the situation even more dire as the winter ravages roads.

Maintenance and coordination of resources is important but so far Kansas City has seen only modest improvements along Ward Parkway and some of the main thoroughfares whilst neighborhoods in urban and suburban continue to suffer neglect.

Developing . . .  


Anonymous said…
This is cute.

Will it do anything to fix Wornall?

Probably not.
Anonymous said…

Give the guy a break. NOTHING could fix Wornall.
The Real News.....Not The MSM Bullshit said…
This is what's called a fluff job. It's to make you think they are really doing something while the whole time nothing is being done.
Anonymous said…
I bet the BLM murals could have fixed the streets Q Ball is a shot show.
Anonymous said…
Photo op ignores the sewer drain clogged with leaves. Hmmmm. Politicians. They never have an eye for detail.
Anonymous said…
Check it out, actual photo evidence of Mayor McDrinkerson doing a job he might be qualified for!
Anonymous said…
Let the name-calling begin!
Anonymous said…
Lucas is like a member of a third grade class taking a tour of the city and playing at being involved in government.
When he was on the council, what issues did he address?
Now he's the "mayor" he acts as though all the dysfunction, waste, and incompetence of KCMO government has become a great revelation.
Who knew?!
The emptiest of empty suits.
Anonymous said…
The name calling is really just shorthand for what are actually well-known and well-established failures in this man's shameful attempt at governance.
Anonymous said…
Can we put the third grader in his place?
Anonymous said…
Lickass should be painting red Xs in the street where each murder took place that was also ignored by BLM. What a frigging joke.
Anonymous said…
Afraid not, 7:09. Name calling is playground-style behavior.

But go for it, you bunch of fucking third-graders.
Anonymous said…

LOL at the photo op..Affirmative Action scammer Lickass never has actually worked a day in his life.
Unknown said…
Too little, too late.
Anonymous said…
Unless that’s hot fill, it won’t do a damn thing.

If it’s hot fill, he needs coveralls and gloves.

Guess it won’t do a damn thing.

Nice photo op, though.

BTW...NOTHING can fix Wornall, 75th or Holmes at this point. Gotta love KC!
Anonymous said…

In hindsight, Lucas said being an attorney was a lot like patching potholes, you always keep a shovel at-hand to fling your crap in the nearest hole!!!