Sunday, October 25, 2020

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas Reveals COVID-19 'Huge Political Pushback' Amid Face The Nation Interview

The mayor talks about his trouble enforcing crackdowns and growing frustration with his leadership on national TV.

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Kansas City mayor says "huge political pushback" hampering efforts to fight virus

Quentin Lucas, the mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, says that the politicization of mitigation measures "undercuts" the city's efforts to get the virus under control.


Anonymous said...

He should get punished for his handling of the Kung fu flu, we only have around 1500 active cases in kc. These clowns keep freaking out over the 14,000 or so cases recorded since March, why they can’t be happy that we actually only have 1500 or so cases is beyond me, people are doing the right things 99% of the time and that’s not good enough? Pussy please.

By the way, it’s the age groups of 39 and under that have exploded statewide with a whopping 34 dead out of over 80,000 or about half of the cases for Missouri.

Anonymous said...

It Happened At Warp Speed

Welcome to communist America:
We can’t speak our mind.
We can’t think differently than those with mob mentality.
We are afraid to leave our homes.
We are not allowed to freely show patriotism.
We are no longer able to enjoy travel, sporting events, concerts, celebrations, or family gatherings.
We are told when to be home.
We are forced to subscribe to fear over a health crisis.
We are controlled by the media.
We are not allowed to worship.
We are forced to erase history.
We are forced to apologize.
We are forced to kneel.
It all only took 4 months.

Anonymous said...

Tim Russert went very easy on him.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

I get your point, but I haven’t done any of that
You’re only controlled if you let them do it

By the way, it only comes to a stop when you say NO

Anonymous said...

Fun fact; less than 275 people in kc have been hospitalized since March, that equates to an average of 30 or so a month, if that’s overloading the hospitals then somebody is lying big time.

Anonymous said...

Slow news day when they’re asking a Mayor for COVID-19 guidance and difficulties.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Friends who are nurses report the same. Very few hospitalized. Democrats trying to paint a bleak picture and they’re portraying all of this like they will save the day. They created the misery and will pay on 11/3.

Anonymous said...


Lucas betrayed any semblance of cooperation across the aisle when he slandered the President and MO Governor. Lucas is a FAILURE pointing the finger at everyone else!!!