Kansas City Latinx Voting Imagined

Traditionally, Latino voting rates in the Kansas City metro are abysmal and that's probably for the best given "complicated" residency status for quite a few among this demographic of aspiring voters. Here's a movement hoping to boost those numbers by using a term that most people don't understand.

NPR: Latinx Is A Term Many Still Can't Embrace

Here's a hopeful contradiction to bloggy skepticism . . .

KC grassroots group knocks down language barrier for LatinX voters

Latino voters prefer to vote in person because they think their vote is more likely to be counted - but express they don't have enough information, according to the Voter Participation Center. And one Kansas City, Missouri, woman saw that need first hand.


  1. National Propaganda Radio strikes again. DEFUND IT!

  2. ^^Nah. Unlike you, it's entertaining and useful. We'll keep it.

  3. 10:21 useful idiot for da man! Hahahahaha!

  4. And yet he IS useful unlike you, who nobody wants or needs! Ha ha ha ha ha!

  5. Ashas been said before, if "Latinex" is out, then we're back to "Beaner"!

  6. I saw this story on the news and noticed the ladies interviewed doing the voter registration pushes among hispanics .... they were both white ladies. surprised tony missed this angle. like a "white girls named Debbie" kind of meme although if it's cheech and chong it's pre-meme

    in general, vote drives, a good idea, but remarkable that these white ladies seemed so pushy with get out the latino vote drives, like, are the latinos even asking for these things? do these white ladies see obstacles to hispanic voting that hispanics don't see themselves?


  7. we WhiteX folks don't mind...

  8. Hispanics always vote for the wrong guy anyway. Their own people have been treated very badly down on the border for the past 4 years, and they will go right into the ballot box and vote for Trump and the republicans. Dummies

  9. May not agree with @9:38 but at least he's honest.


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