Thursday, October 22, 2020

Kansas City Hypes Freebie Bus Rides Despite EPIC COVID-19 Budget Crunch

Given the rate at which local biz continues to shut down as the weather grows colder, bankruptcy and a worsening pandemic financial disaster confront Kansas City. 

Of course, locals are hesitant to give up their amenities. Meanwhile, city hall has confronted continued furloughs and the threat of layoffs. 

Accordingly, a recent mobile social justice transit effort now hypes its impact despite dramatically decreased ridership and a used car boom that signals many people have given up on public transit altogether

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Free Bus Rides In Kansas City Give Residents An Equal Chance To Vote, Says KCATA Chief

The president of the transportation authority said the change would give riders a better shot at job opportunities, an equal chance to vote, and could have positive impacts on the economy to the tune of more than $1 million a month.


Anonymous said...

Park it, nobody wants to ride the super spreader express!

Can you imagine how many people got the Kung fu flu on the bus and the bus people are hiding that fact?

Anonymous said...

Kansas City doing what it does best, pushing the free stuff. Who cares how it will be paid for.

Anonymous said...

I see lots of homeless people waiting at bus stops for free bus rides. They often look like they haven’t bathed in weeks. This can’t be a good thing for public health.

Anonymous said...

^^^They also smell like they haven't bathed in weeks. When one of them gets on, the scent permeates the whole bus in a minute.