Thursday, October 29, 2020

Kansas City Hires Snow Help 2020

Here's an encouraging sign of Winter preparation and a tacit admission that this town FAILS to fulfill very basic city services for residents.

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Kansas City seeks outside contractor for snow removal ahead of winter season

With less than two months until the official start of winter, the KCMO Public Works Department updated city council members on its 2020-2021 snow removal plan on Thursday. Maggie Green, Public Information Officer for KCMO Public Works Department, says the plan will stay mostly the same compared to last year, but a few key changes will be made.


Anonymous said...

Be nuts to contract with the city. Good way to get screwed when you present a bill and they then claim oops were are broke.

Anonymous said...

WHY????? No wonder the city is broke.

Anonymous said...

If they outsource snow removal (who knew KCMO did snow removal ?) and don't fill potholes then why does Kansas City need to fund a Public Service Department?

We could totally eliminate Kansas City Missouri government and privatize snow removal, street maintenance, water and sewer and the services would be ten times better and much cheaper.

Let the Chamber of Commerce oversee the private services.

KCPD is already under state control and FD could go under state control as well.

The same elimination of the county government would save individual taxpayers several thousand dollars a year and they would receive improved services.

A billion dollars a year would be saved for taxpayers with the above plan.

Anonymous said...

I’ve had private city hired contractors in my neighborhood for years now with mixed results, the biggest problem with them is they use the smallest trucks with small plows and only hit the middle of the street, the plows are barely big enough for even midsize vehicles to get through. I’ve called and complained about the small plows and only one pass for all the streets and the cities piss poor response is there’s too many cars parked on the streets for bigger plows or even two passes, I’ve told them topime and time again everybody either parks their cars in their big ass driveways or in their garages and they’ve basically called me a liar, I sent video to my worthless third district clowncil members and they refuse to respond. (Blm Ellington and me lies a rob in go)

Don’t expect any miracles or significant improvement if they hire more private contractors. Oh, I almost forgot, they don’t spread salt either, just plow.