Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Kansas City Hipsters Share Voting Guide

Not too many surprises from The Pitch . . . They're backing an all Democratic Party ballot and voting no on Amendment 3 if it's not quite an "alternative" from every other late-30-to-early-40-something Midtown social media feed.

Take a look:

The Pitch Editorial Board releases exhaustive Kansas City voting guide, endorsements

After several weeks of conferences and interviews with the candidates in the metro area, The Pitch Editorial Board would like to share its final list of recommendations for all races in this area, both Kansas and Missouri side. Find your closest polling location here. Our suggestions for the best possible 2021 and onward are listed below.


Anonymous said...

Who cares? It's like the sound of a tree falling in the woods with no one around -- no one hears it or gives a flying fu*k.

Anonymous said...


Go to God Like Productions for latest coverage.

Anonymous said...

What's a Pitch?

Anonymous said...

"Uncle" Intel of the finest sort - a Delaware lawyer dissects Joe Biden
written by a source I have known
Trump is like a pretty good doctor with a really poor bedside manner.
His Middle East policy is producing unexpected peace deals between Israel and Arab countries. His economic policies and improved trade deals have produced surprisingly good prosperity for all. His insistence on reopening America seems to be restoring that prosperity. His Covid policy is also producing real and surprisingly fast progress on treatments and vaccines.
Biden is like a well-meaning quack with a very graceful bedside manner.
His wrong-headed policies, and his acceptance of worse ones from farther left, point to a darker, more violent and less free future for us all -- ourselves, our descendants and Americans generally. Let’s not change horses in the middle of this stream.