Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Kansas City Hipsters Delight In Progressive Pay Cable 'News' Name Check

Here's the thing . . . Outside of a military deployment, most Americans wouldn't dream of going to another country and telling other people how to run their politics. That's the CIA's job.

However . . . Because the Brit accent is charming to new money and makes hack political commentary seem more informed . . . There are quite a few Englishman giving orders on TV.

Accordingly, check our favorite "alternative" mag proving that the tastes of trendsetters runing that publication are surprisingly mainstream and prosaic basic:

John Oliver loves the Nelson-Atkins Museum as much as you do. He loves using rat erotica for charity even more.

Promotional Picture of Last Week Tonight In this last episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the show featured Kansas City's own Nelson-Atkins Art Museum with a clip from this summer. This was from when KC Zoo penguins came to visit on a field trip.


Anonymous said...

Nelson Atkins is a dump. Use to be a nice day out but has become radical with nothing but garbage inside. Plus they hate the police too. Would be funny if it got robbed. I would like to know who they would call for help. Tourists don't waste your time if you're looking for a decent art museum.

Anonymous said...

^^And yet they will still go there. In droves. It's as if nothing you say matters. Weird.