Kansas City Foodies Desperate For Chiefs Gameday Biz From Chubby Fanboys

Quick peek at a report that's really more of a plea from struggling biz hoping for a bump from an awkwardly timed pandemic makeup game.

Take a look . . .

Kansas City restaurants banking on Chiefs game day business

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- The pandemic has led to metro-wide restaurants not seeing the usual Chiefs game day traffic. But with many now adding drink and tailgate food specials, they're hopeful for attracting more business. It's big events like Kansas City Chiefs game that are critical to sports bars on the Country Club Plaza and elsewhere to survive.


  1. Save money serve them dog food chiefs fans are too stupid to know the difference.

    1. @10:28 You can move to Portland where they will ass fuck you and then kill you. See ya.

  2. Blame mayor 10 10 10 for everybody closing down, we have a whopping 1500 current case of Kung fu flu and he’s screaming third wave, doom and gloom and death around every corner. Mayor mcdumbo is the worst damn mayor to walk the earth with his pals from Portland and Seattle. Fuckiing idiots one and all.

  3. So the restrictions are working, is what you're saying.

  4. Again, white people should take their funky asses home and stay off the street.


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