Saturday, October 10, 2020

Kansas City Fashionista Movie Coming Soon

The definitive cinematic collection of the cowtown pandemic is on the way. Credit where it's due, The Pitch has the vert best write-up of the effort that might be the greatest cowtown lockdown artistic achement we've seen so far in 2020.

Read more and then enjoy our collection of blog scumbags who will likely trash the project because this cowtown online community often has no class or style . . . And most of our local denizens probably need to change t-shirts more often.

West 18th Street Fashion Show pivots from runway to silver screen

When COVID-19 hit the country in mid-March, it put everything in the future on hold. Concerts, clubs, sports, museums, and just life in general shut down as we found ways to combat the virus and stay safe. Events racked up cancellation or postponement announcements. People wondered "what's next?"


Charlie Horse said...

I imagine tens of tens will watch this movie... yawn...

Anonymous said...

Tony, how about a story on Stacy Shaw threatening the families and children of police? The FOP is talking to state officials.