Thursday, October 22, 2020

Kansas City Downtown Demolition Captured

From this town's very best photographer . . . A glimpse at life continuing to evolve inside the loop as this former site dedicated to learning was recently turned to rubble.

Take a look . . .

KC Demolition of Board of Ed Building - Eric Bowers Photoblog

KC Demolition of Board of Ed Building - Similar to other Kansas City Teardown Posts from 2020 - Demolition in late 2020 of the Mies Van der Rohe designed midcentury modern office building at the Kansas City Government District.


Anonymous said...

The dust this thing is creating is dangerous, shouldn’t they be watering that down as they tear that down?

I guess the city doesn’t care about the health hazard? Where’s dr Rex?

Anonymous said...

They can't pay their Water Bill.

Anonymous said...

Yup typical Kansas City, tearing down perfectly good shit and then using taxpayers dollars to build something new.

Anonymous said...


Fake Dr. Archer reports the asbestos release from the structure is within acceptable long as you wear a facemask!!!