Monday, October 26, 2020

Kansas City Doc Talks Remdesivir

It's not exactly a COVID-19 cure and this local medical pro offers a perspective just a bit more enlightening that most of the cable news political chat shows. 


Saint Luke's Health System doctor weighs in on remdesivir

KANSAS CITY, MO. - A drug that was used to treat President Donald Trump in his battle with COVID-19 needs more testing to determine its long-term effectiveness, according to a Saint Luke's Health System doctor. The Federal Drug Administration on Thursday approved remdesivir, an anti-viral drug, to treat some COVID-19 patients.


Anonymous said...

Wait till we find out the virus has vastly MUTATED. Then there will be nothing to stop it. Viruses do come from space dust. They come into our atmosphere. Some are then carried by animals. Some jump from animals to people.

A few UFO's just dropped a load of Covid19 on the world last year. Or a recovered space vehicle brought the virus back. Our time is limited on this earth. People are too frail to survive even a big snowstorm. We are toast. Long live the crocodiles! And George Soros.

Anonymous said...

^^^ you forgot cockroaches! Lol!

Anonymous said...

Quack, quack.