Monday, October 05, 2020

Kansas City Deadly Crash Postscript

Tragic follow-up on a weekend crash and just a reminder to our blog community to DRIVE CAREFULLY given that traffic accidents/crashes are up this year.

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Two young moms killed in wrong-way crash in KC, leaving families devastated

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City police say two women were victims of a wrong-way crash Sunday morning, and it's left their families stunned. Now they want justice. "He needs to pay for what he did. He took two beautiful young ladies away," Kendra Cooks said.


Clayton Bigsby said...

So who was the magical driver of said blue Charger?

Anonymous said...

I think life in prison is too little. But execution is too much. Very sad, it could be anyone reading this that died. Who hasnt driven that road?

Anonymous said...

Take it up with your beloved mayor he is the one who has cut the police out and also the democrats who want to defund the police. If the city had the right amount of police on the roads maybe this wouldn't have happened maybe the driver would have been pulled over for speeding. But you evil democrats want to put everyone at risk because of your stupidity. The blood is on the hands of Sly James and Quinton Lucas for cutting back the police dept. And the blood is on the hands of the people who vote these morons in over and over again.

Anonymous said...

I bet it was a stolen car. Repeat offender. outstanding warrants. He saw a parked and empty police car and ran. Sad, very sad.