Saturday, October 31, 2020

Kansas City Curbside Voting Hot Mess Awaits

Kansas City preps a bit of public health theater for the election. Sadly, the setup looks as if it'll quickly collapse if the lines are even half as bad as some experts claim.


KC Election Board: Request appointment for curbside voting at Union Station

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City, Missouri, residents who plan to vote curbside on Election Day must call in advance to request the service at Union Station. The Kansas City, Missouri, Election Board said in a tweet on Saturday that "all differently abled voters" who will not be able to enter their polling place are encouraged to vote curbside at Union Station.


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Tony Bobulinski = the end of Lyin' Hidin' Biden's quest for the White House

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Gawd, 9:43. Are you Rainman? How many times have you copied and pasted that comment on every post? What a dingleberry.

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I called and called and called for over half hour all of the phone numbers provided for curbside. Busy signal mostly, 3 times it did ring no one answered. What is this, the 1900s. What phone numbers get busy signal these days.

Read article put out by the star and khsb that said I can curbside at my regular polling place if I asked a friend to go inside and request a ballet. my neighbor was kind enough to do so. Spending 10 minutes, He was told the plaza poll does not do curbside but they were kind enough to set me an appointment at union station avoiding the posted busy phone numbers.

So now I wait in my car at union station in a long line inching towards casting my ballet.

75 minutes into my wait to receive a ballot. my car has yet to move over that last 60 minutes. Polls workers are walking around . As far as I can tell no voting is taking place. Talking to a poll worker,. They suggested I go into union station and vote. I got out of the vehicle que to look but decided even though I am not outwordly sick but only exposed at work and asked to quarantine I didn't want to walk inside the poll place. And having only made it a quarter of the way through the que restarting in a longer que seemed like a waste given that not a single person voted in the last hour.

While line is not that long. In the end curbside voting was a epic fail. And needs better planning in the future.