Kansas City Chiefs Might Be Bad Winners

The big aftermath of the weird Monday afternoon game was watching Coach Reid berate the refs . . . It's a loser move and sign of frustration that never works out in the long run. 

Here's a game recap that's just a bit more skeptical than local talkers on the take . . . Check-it:

Patrick Mahomes ran circles around Bills defenders, and Andy Reid got big mad at refs

Patrick Mahomes usually makes the highlight reels with his spectacular arm. But the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is also a next-level playmaker with his feet, a lesson frustrated Buffalo Bills defenders learned the hard way on Monday. Needing 5 yards on third down in the third quarter in the red zone, Mahomes decided to scramble after failing to find a passing target.


  1. Chiefs rule! 5-1 and the best team in the NFL. Back to back Super Bowls baby! MVP Pat Mahomes!!!

  2. Wah wha wah wha what. Yadda yadda yadda. No one gives a shit but losers.

  3. ^^You do CHUD. You cared enough to comment so you played yourself. Again. We all care, and there are millions of us. Sorry, not sorry. Now get your shinebox. Bitch.

  4. Sure Mahomie keep running and get those knees trashed and then you won't be worth the price of a can of Best Choice Pork n Beans.

    Then Blondie will bail on your ass and you'll be stuck with a huge ass child support payment you'll not be able to make.

  5. ^^and until then CHUD, he's the best player in football by a mile, the defending Super bowl MVP, has the richest contract in football, and is a terrific young man. Job well done!

  6. Just saw that " Kansas City did a ridiculous 44.4 rating and a 74 share yesterday for the Chiefs-Bills game. That is the highest rating for a weekday afternoon event in many, many years if not ever. There will likely never be anything that challenges that."

    What happened to the narrative that ratings were down? i thought you broken, busted bitter, bitches weren't watching? According to that metric, 74% of the houses that had TV's in KC were watching the game. Ha!!! Chiefs win again baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The ratings you cite are from from Brazil, not the US.

  8. ^^Actually their from your house CHUD. You watched. We all know it. Chiefs rule.


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