Kansas City Blues Lives Matter Two Car Caravan Vs. Tent City Occupy Drum Circle

Turns out hottie Anastasia isn't the most ridiculous thing about the Internets discourse . . . Here's the last Tuesday night face off we'll consider this evening . . .

Take a look at this clip featuring a tiny double caravan vs. a nice little protest drum circle and then realize that the upcoming election isn't as important as TV news would like us all to believe . . .

You decide . . .


  1. The trucks won.


    Because they can leave!

    1. Man, this thing is gaining momentum. They will have 10-12 people within a year, guaranteed.

  2. It's pretty obvious the tent ppl have nothing better to do and will stay until the handouts, food and drugs run out or the weather turns bad.

    Kinda like stray cats, possums, and raccoons.

    This is what unfettered welfare produces and why you don't feed animals.

  3. Ironic, the working taxpayers are indirectly funding this shit show. Direct deposits, checks and EBT cards are still being issued while the kids play all day and night on the taxpayers lawn.

  4. That beats the hell out of Joe running for something and the "you know the thing" doing whatever. Jus' sayin'

  5. Needed me some good ol' drum circle. Its been a while. Didn't get a clear shot of the musicians? Some rainbow flags too. Thanks for leaving space at the entrance so the city employees can have a smoke on break. Helpless, hapless.

  6. Before starting the Shake Weight exercise routine, Anastasiya was small-breasted.


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