Friday, October 30, 2020

Kansas City 'Best Of Season' Out Of Touch Amid COVID-19 Hard Times?!?!

There's a not-so-secret Kansas City print media tradition of promoting "advertiser friendly" content in the form of "Best Of Issues" around the end of the year. 

It's a nice and mostly meaningless bragging point for local biz over their corporate competitors. Even better, it provides desperately needed cash for publications. 

Here's The Pitch sharing a far too wordy screed about their "best of" offerings.

"I have felt compelled to cry at this job for a multitude of reasons in 2020 because what I was working on was so awesome, in a Biblical sense."

Sure, there's a community shout out but most of it is self-congratulatory . . . Hype.

And this evokes a quick thought on Friday night.

Any Kansas City biz that has managed to keep its doors open under these circumstance deserves credit and congratulations. Promoting "the best" seems redundant at a time when locals are still struggling to find work as the shadow of death and the election looms.

In fairness, using this guide to find a great local biz is worthwhile and everyone is entitled to their faves.

Still . . . The old "best of" trend seems to be yet another fading tradition that deserves to be re-imagined.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Um, I don't think very many people take it seriously. Kind of like a blog.

Anonymous said...





Benji said...

Actually, a pretty good issue all things considered.

Anonymous said...

Neat drawing.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it has always been "The Best Of the places we could convince to give our Staff free meals, or to advertise with us"!

Anonymous said...

I hope the PITCH ranked Murder by blacks as are #1 thing we seem to do best. As we do it well and Rioters ( protests) , BLM and our leaders failed to give credit where credit is due. And that has been due for generations. We also pushed kids through school that have nothing to offer our kids, we run off businesses well and yet support the illegal drug trade the best. I'm sure the little Fanzine snot rubbing rag promotes those well. most likely where the writers learned their shit stain values.

Anonymous said...


Somebody seems VERY sad about life. Sorry.