Saturday, October 24, 2020

Kansas City Ballot Talk Week In Review

Top newsies take a closer look at big decisions confronting the metro and offer their perspective on how Kansas City will emerge from the election.

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"Nick Haines, Cat Reid, Micheal Mahoney, Eric Wesson and Steve Kraske discuss ballot questions from both sides of state line including Amendments 1 and 3 in Missouri, removing food requirements from breweries in JOCO, removing statues and adding cell phone fees in Jackson County and naming a street after a slain Overland Park officer as well as new homicide record in KCMO and Mel Carnahan's legacy."

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Anonymous said...

PBS and NPR should be defunded of taxpayer dollars.

Both declared they will not report on the multiple million dollar bribes received by Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Biden's brothers from Ukraine, Communist China which will compromise Joe Biden as President.

Communist China bought off Joe Biden for trade deals. Biden and China also funneled bribes via Penn University.

Joe Biden is bought off by Communist China.

Anonymous said...

Outrageous claims, any proof?
Proof, you know, evidence, not wild-assed Cato Institute (Koch Family) theories and speculations spread through Breitbart.

Anonymous said...


Where a politically-liberal majority panel regurgitates the Democratic Party talking points of the week.

Steve Kraske? Why is a former bankrupt KC Star editorial board member, and current UMKC lecturer invited on this program week after week? Are Nick Haines, Kliff Kuehl, and KCPT discriminating against all other universities in the metro by giving preferential treatment to UMKC?

Is Eric Wesson, of The Call newspaper, the only Black person that Nick Haines and Kliff Kuehl know? I know they both live in JOCO KS, but how can they talk about diversity and inclusion, when they don't practice what they preach?

Why does Weak In Review discriminate against women every week? Please note that this episode, like nearly every week, features 4 men talking and only 1 woman. How long have Weak In Review, Nick Haines, and Kliff Kuehl been practicing misogyny? Do female contributors to KCPT know that they're being targeted by station management? Is KCPT (a recipient of federal dollars) in violation of federal anti-discrimination guidelines?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the proof is a lap top. And check the top Google search. The Biden’s are dirty. Stop watching CNN and MSNBC and you might learn something. Russia, Russia, Russia. You Libs are the most uneducated in the country but, then again, your party relies on it.