Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Kangaroos Capture City Hall Protest Pix

Slightly supportive, distant and mostly in focus . . . This collage from the city college offers an up close & personal glimpse of this week's social justice highlight.


Photo Essay: Scenes from the Kansas City Hall Plaza occupation

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Anonymous said...

Stacy Shaw knows the law!

Anonymous said...

It's been confirmed that at least two COVID cases have hit the camp.

Anonymous said...

We working taxpayers will have to pay for the medical care of the welfare recipients and college professor protesters who have all the time in the world to protest and camp out.

Public Universities need their budgets cut in half so the professors actually have to work instead of trying to overthrow the American government and incite the crazies to attack law-abiding citizens.

These universities have become threats to American society.

Anonymous said...

Mommy! Bring me some body wash to the protest!!

Hyperblogal said...

Beginning to think over here, that stupid is viral.