Johnson County Mask Mandate Endures

The Golden Ghetto will remain covered up until after the election . . . And probably longer. Here's a glimpse at local news attempting to sell the face covers to the beleaguered public . . . Check-it:

Johnson County business owners support mask mandate, which remains in effect

MISSION, Kan. - If you live in Johnson County, Kansas, you are still required to wear a mask in public places. The state finance council extended Governor Laura Kelly's disaster declaration to Nov. 15 last week, which includes a mask mandate. Until the Board of County Commissioners vote otherwise, the mandate remains in effect in Johnson County.


  1. Watch how many crazy blogs come out of this story.

  2. 85% of people with covid wear masks most or all of the time, according to the CDC. Masks make zero difference in contains the spread.

  3. ....all food prep. handlers should wear masks,gloves,hairnets......manditory!
    I see the stats say Ks. is still high with cases....
    No mask, no gloves, NO CUSTOMERS!
    NO tRump, NO tRumpMonkeys,........

    FAUCI IN 2020!


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