Johnson County Confronts COVID-19 Public Health Request To Cancel High School Sports

Golden Ghetto schools face a tough decision that could impact the entire community as students & fans risk spreading the pandemic to vulnerable people in their community as coronvirus numbers worsen.

Here's the best round-up report we've seen so far . . .

JOCO health officials recommend schools prohibit winter indoor sports, activities

Health officials in Johnson County, Kansas, said Tuesday that letters were sent to school superintendents strongly recommending that they prohibit winter indoor sports and activities, such as basketball or wrestling.Authorities said the recommendation was made because of the level of community transmission and the risks involved.


  1. Fuck Joco health department.

  2. corona going parabolic in europe. lockdowns coming today.

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    and the rest of you tRumpMonkeys!


  4. Blue Valley High School is full of rich faggots.

  5. The Libtards would lock down everything and have a national mask mandate. Smacks of Socialist Communism. The Democratic Party relies on the stupidity of its voters. Stay stupid Libs and very afraid.

  6. And yet they’re trying to save lives and control the virus unlike that pathetic excuse of a human being currently pretending to be president. Get the Rona and die filthy MAGAT. Weird.

  7. This is all Hype!
    Brown University Study said kids are more likely Not get Covid-19.
    They are trying to close school again!

  8. Close it down for the safety of the children.

  9. The Plandemic will be over Nov. 4, one way or the other?

  10. If it closes, don’t pay the teachers or admin people. I bet they would all want to stay open with that in mind.


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