Johnson County Ballot Boxes Busted

A glimpse at fading Democracy in the Golden Ghetto as Red State ramps up election season rhetoric with an EPIC persecution complex . . . To be fair, already "many sides" have already started to claim election shenanigans.

Read more from this Twitter roundup . . .

Voters find broken, overflowing ballot box in Johnson County

JOHNSON COUNTY, KS (KCTV5) - Voters hoping to cast their ballot at a local library were met with a stuffed ballot box. After tweets to the Johnson County Election Board, Commissioner Connie Schmidt said she sent workers to the public library off 151 st Street.


  1. Connie Schmidt is an idiot. Her husband was a cop who made Barney Fife look like Einstein.

  2. Right. Nothing to see here, folks. Your vote(s) will count. I just hope all of my cat votes didn't get stolen out of those boxes.


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