Thursday, October 29, 2020

Jackson County Voters Could Topple Or Keep Statue Of Old School Racist Prez

Heartfelt progressive local media reporting offers an emotional plea that's more op/ed than reporting and doesn't really consider the very real possibility that voters might reject the proposed change.

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Voters Will Decide Whether To Keep Controversial Statues Of Jackson County's Racist Namesake

A statue of Andrew Jackson astride a horse sits in front of both Jackson County courthouses. As art, it's not bad. a dashing Jackson looks like he's got something on his mind, and the horse is plenty lifelike too. The problem, especially for Native American activist Rhonda LaValdo, is that Andrew Jackson was arguably a terrible person.


Anonymous said...

Fuck Rhonda LaValdo.

chuck said...

Sure, tear it down and put a statue of Jacob Blake raping a minor with a gun in his belt.

The ex post facto application of 2020 Societal norms to centuries old historical figures is a Jacobin/Progressive carcinogen that is not only preposterous on it's face, to anyone with above room temp IQ, it deprives current Americans of the ability to assess, reasonably and contextually the history that came before us, both good and bad.

Americans have been "dumbed down" and incessantly reassured, that they are special and those sporting degrees from major universities that center around Progressive meat and potato issues, will arm them against not only their sworn ideological enemies on the right, but insure a better world in the future.

This myopic approach to a "safe space" education is a pernicious and pathetic manipulation of those same stupid Americans, who, are not bright enough to understand it.

Tally ho!!! dumbfucks into a brave new world.

Anonymous said...

How sick it is when black people who hate white people point fingers. Our country is acting like some white people are the only racist ones. Can anyone sit there and say black people aren't racist? NO YOU CAN'T. Black people need to get over the fact they can't charge a cop with a knife and expect not to get shot. If you are a black person and you don't like our cops or our history get out of this country. In case you didn't know it you're free to leave and I would suggest you do it. Funny thing though they think this old statue of a person who is long gone is racist but they will turn around and vote for Joe Biden who was against desegregation. Now that would be funny if it wasn't so STUPID.

Anonymous said...

Never bring a knife to a gun fight, nobody ever accused these people of being smart....

Can’t wait to see the toxicology report on this ass wipe!