Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Jackson County Outsources Investigation Of Police Shooting That Killed Donnie Sanders

Here's a glimpse at the latest round in the ongoing battle betwixt courthouse prosecutors vs. police.

Reality check . . . It's unlikely the Highway Patrol will rule against KCPD.

Still, here's the campaign season power move:

Jackson County prosecutors request highway patrol investigate KCPD shooting of Donnie Sanders

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Prosecutors are asking the Missouri State Highway Patrol to investigate the police shooting of an unarmed Black man in Kansas City. Mike Mansur, a spokesman for the Jackson County, Missouri, prosecutor's office, said Tuesday that Kansas City police recently submitted the findings from its investigation into the shooting of Donnie Sanders.


Anonymous said...

Oh Petersucker, you’re so damn pathetic it’s embarrassing.

Bandit said...

He's black. Cop's fault. Happy libtards?

Damn All Marxists said...

From the picture he's definitely not unarmed. I see a right and a left arm. He's armed.